A 7 km jam formed on the Kilmez River in Udmurtia

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In Udmurtia, in the Syumsinsky region, on the Kilmez River, a traffic jam was formed, the length of which was 7 km. The search and rescue service had to resort to blasting operations. Now the ice drift has resumed.

As udm-info.ru writes with reference to the head of the republican government Yaroslav Semyonov, the reason for the jam was intense melting of snow and dense ice drift on the river. Because of this, the water level in the river began to rise sharply, and about 100 houses in the village of Kilmez were in the zone of possible flooding.

Experts constantly monitor the situation in Yagan, in the area of ​​two low-water bridges over the Volu and Lekma rivers in Vavozhsky and Yarsky districts, as well as the Polom-Polomsky road in Kezsky district. On the morning of April 16, it was noted that the water level on the roadway decreased by 0.5 m per day.

The water level in Syga also dropped by 0.5 m. Thus, in Glazov, water left all territories that were previously flooded.

In the meantime, the water level is still rising in Chepets in Glazov. On the rivers Vala and Loza, water began to rise again.

On April 8, it was reported about the start of blasting operations on the rivers of Udmurtia. So, they were required on the Cheptsa River in the Balezinsky and Glazovsky regions, the Kilmez River in the Seltinsky and Syumsinsky regions, the Vala river in the Syumsinsky region, as well as on the Pyzep and Lyp rivers in the Kezsky region.