9 World Class Low Commission Real Estate Companies in America 2024

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By Henry Jackson

One of the most significant problems that property sellers have is overcoming the commission fees that real estate agents charge, which may amount to between 5 and 6% of the total transaction price.

Even though this percentage is significant enough, it prompts house sellers to investigate their other options. 

One of the best ways you may avoid paying the hefty commissions charged by realtors is by working with discount real estate brokers or low-commission real estate companies—as they are popularly known—which offer you the services of a full-blown real estate agency but at a discounted rate. 

In this article, the 9 world-class low commission real estate companies in America will be discussed to help save you some effort in your research.


One of the top low commission real estate companies in America, when you approach Houzeo, home sellers receive a price reduction for listing their properties on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). You may save roughly half of the total commission that a realtor would normally charge you by using Houzeo. 

If you decide to sell through Houzeo, you will have the ability to select from a variety of various packaging options. Contract review, price advice, and professional photography are just some of the important services that are included with the Houzeo plans that you can take advantage of. 

The customer dashboard offered by Houzeo is a sophisticated feature that provides you with access to a number of different services. You are able to browse and compare offers, and counteroffers, as well as arrange showings and access a great deal of additional information. Additionally, Houzeo is one of the most widely used FSBO (For Sale by Owner) platforms in the United States.


In comparison to other discount real estate brokers, Redfin’s technology is far more advanced. They provide affordable broker services in addition to having a fantastic user experience, both of which contribute to their status as one of the leading real estate organizations. 

In addition to the Full-Service Redfin package, which includes a listing commission of 1.5%, there is also a Concierge plan, which includes a listing commission of 2%. Remember that the minimum amount of time required to list a property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is almost 18 days. 

When it comes to full-service listings, the realtor costs charged by Redfin agents are not the lowest available. However, if you use Redfin agents, you might save anywhere from 20 to 30% on the fee paid to the listing agent. 

Unfortunately, since there are many customers, these agents may be unable to provide individualized assistance to each of them. Add-on services such as real estate photography, property search tools, multiple listing service (MLS) listings, open house schedules, yard signs, and many more are all available through Redfin.


UpNest is one of the most reputed low commission real estate companies that operate in the same way as HomeLight and enables users to compare the services of the most qualified real estate agents in their local area. The platform will offer you a service at no cost and will connect you with real estate professionals in your area. 

When the commission costs that have to be paid are taken into consideration, the savings are negligible. One positive aspect of the agent proposals is that they offer a wealth of information that can be used to select a realtor who will charge less.


Trelora is considered one of the most popular discount real estate brokers, with flat listing costs that range anywhere from $3,000 to $4,000. In addition to that, they offer a premium listing option that costs an extra 2% of the final sale price but comes with numerous more services.

Although Trelora seems like an excellent choice for selling the home, you should be aware that there is a possibility that the quality of the agents will suffer. This is due to the fact that they have a small team of agents who are responsible for serving a high number of consumers.

At various points during the buying and selling process, the sellers are represented by a different agent. This appears to be an effective method; but, because to the involvement of a large number of people, complications may arise. Additional services, such as professional photography, yard signs, and professional marketing, are among those that Trelora offers as add-ons.


When compared to the standard realtor commission, the price for sellers to market their home with Prevu which is one of the most unique discount real estate brokers is significantly lower at 1.5% of the transaction price. When a customer purchases a home through Prevu, they are eligible for a refund equal to 2% of the purchase price. 

Even if the listing price is lower than the realtor commission, it is still rather expensive in comparison to other real estate brokers and organizations that provide discounts. When you go with Prevu, there will be fewer agents available for you to collaborate with. It is essential to keep in mind that the 1.5% listing charge is subject to alteration depending on the state in which the property is located. 

Prevu, on the other hand, does offer access to a variety of options, such as home showings, open houses, professional photography, listing on the MLS, and a great deal more. When it comes to Prevu, the majority of the papers that they send as a part of the sales process are digital and require an e-signature from the customer. 


If you are seeking one of the most trustworthy low commission real estate companies that specialize in selling high-value houses, Houwzer is your best choice. Considered one of the top discount real estate brokers a listing fee of $5,000, is reasonable for those with a large value ($1 million or more). 

Houwzer only employs a small number of real estate agents, which may result in quality problems due to the fact that these real estate agents must serve a huge number of consumers. Houwzer offers a variety of optional add-on services, such as professional photography, a 3D tour, mail advertising, and plenty more.

Ideal Agent

Ideal Agent, one of the few low commission real estate companies assists sellers in finding excellent agents who are comparable to those offered by other brokers. The listing cost is 2%, which results in little savings for sellers in comparison to the typical commission paid to traditional listing agents, which is 2.5%. The firm has stringent criteria to choose agents, and the top 1% of deal closers are the suitable candidates which are hired. 

It does not cost anything to use the agent matching service, and there is no requirement that you deal with the realtors that are recommended. Investors in the private market are contributing to the firm. It is only after the agent has been appointed that it is necessary for the sellers to speak on the phone with the concierge. Keeping this in mind, the process of selling gets delayed a bit.


Another prominent name on the list of the best discount real estate brokers, ListingSpark, takes great pride in its “dollars a day” listing. This implies that in order to get featured on the site and have access to the other services, you will be required to pay a daily fee of merely $7. 

It asserts that it is one of those discount real estate brokers by not asking for exorbitant commissions and charging large flat costs in advance. In addition to MLS listing, the Premium plan of ListingSpark includes a wide variety of additional functions such as pricing review, showing time instruction, photo review, and more. 

Even if it is one of the most reputable real estate brokerages, the time it takes to advertise your property may be lengthened by the fact that certain stages must be carried out personally by you. 

You are able to perform the same tasks as realtors thanks to the platform, which walks you through the numerous procedures involved in selling a home and gives you the same tools they use. ListingSpark also offers a robust set of additional capabilities as add-ons, such as transaction coordinators and open houses that are hosted by real estate agents.

You can check out Listing Spark reviews for more information.


HomeLight’s network includes thousands of thriving sellers, top real estate agents and brokers, and other industry professionals. During the process of selling a property, they provide a hand in developing individualized guidelines and materials. HomeLight does not charge home buyers or sellers any money for the service of linking them with an agent. The standard commission rate of five to 6% is still in effect, but it varies from agent to agent. 

In addition, bids might be made that are lower than the current market value. Your chosen real estate agent may or may not be able to put your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), depending on the circumstances. 

HomeLight is one of those discount real estate brokers that provides information on the most qualified real estate agents in the community that you choose, and this information is available for both full and limited service options. 

You may obtain rapid offers from real estate agents if you only answer a few basic questions about your house and timeframe. The procedure moves quickly, but in order to participate, houses must be removed from the market.