9 decoration ideas by the event management companies

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 The decoration is an integral part of any event management or social gathering where more than one appears to enjoy and have their time at the hall. Decoration can be of many sorts. Which includes fashionable and mundane genres of decoration, in the event management.

1.  Yellow and Red flowers

An all floral wedding is done in a combination of red and yellow flowers in a spherical decked upstage with pink draped is undoubtedly a charmer in any grand occasion. You can always be creative and use one of those chandeliers and an eye-catching sofa for a good blend. This wedding decor is surely going to give a vintage vibe to the event management and your guests will be in awe.

2.  White Flowers and fairy Lights

A stage covered with white flowers with a hint of pink light is an absolute adorable beauty. It is subtle yet fancy. Another important addition is the fairy lights. You have a variety of options to make it more authentic such as spring picture display, using mason jar lights, candle accent, wall accent, lighted words etc. This design is a must at any event management.

3.  Bohemian Designs with Curtains and rugs

Bringing inspiration from the carefree, nomadic life is one of the best designs in any decoration at an event management. This style includes everything from fancy collectables to a blend of old and new. Using it with stylish best chairs, curtains and rugs will give a vintage accent, colourful and a relaxed vibe. Curtains, an antique mirror or a rug with a distressed look will surely pump up the bohemian vibe.

4.  Rickshaw and other funky items

This is a new trending idea for bride and groom entry in the wedding hall and it’s unique. It can be used as event management decoration in front of the entrance of the hall. It surely gives a great look to your occasion. There are lots of ideas such as decorated rickshaws with umbrellas, bridal entry open buggy carriage, Dulhan entry idea rickshaw and many more.

5.  Mirrors and photo booths

Wedding mirrors and photo booths are part of a great marriage atmosphere. They help to create stunning images effortlessly. You can use this idea in event management decor as they are an interesting way to record the guests and their wishes for the couple. It saves you time photographing all the guests to the best instead of trying to capture them independently.

6.  The wedding hashtag theme

The modern-day wedding is full of fun and creativity and breaking from the old tradition. One of the new trends is the hashtag theme for wedding event management decoration. To impress the guests, many couples encourage using a custom wedding planners hashtag during the celebration as unique as their relationship. To do this make sure the word is not already taken if it’s taken, use numbers or symbols to make it right, get inspiration from popular phrases, pop culture, and be creative.

7.  Cartoon Mascot

You must be very busy with all the arrangements for your event management. There would be less time to receive all the guests you can always get a mascot or a cartoon character to receive and greet your guests. They will be very famous among kids as well.

8.  Ornaments and flares

Being an Indian, we all know how precious gold jewellery is for a bride or anyone. Steal the breath away of everybody who sets their eye on your bridal gold jewellery. To do this there are many ideas such as you should always opt for a minimal gold jewellery set, choker necklace, pendant necklace, layered gold jewellery all the way, choker with temple necklace etc.

All these will surely glam you up for the day and all the guests. All these coupled with minimal makeup and an amazing saree will earn you extra points and can’t be better. Every event management company does all this stuff to lay upon the glam of a function with a fancy aura alongside.


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