8 Ways to Use Marble Countertops in your Home

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For sure, marble is the top choice for most homeowners. When it comes to kitchen and bath counters, marble outshines every other natural stone. Nothing can beat the timeless beauty of kitchen marble countertops and floors. Out in the world, Greek sculptures are the best example of marble and its glory. And what about our homes? No home is complete without marble stone.

In addition to kitchen counters, this stone has various other applications. You will find it on walls, floors, and mantelpieces. Moreover, marble has a unique outlook. That is why it is best suited for every home. The best part is that it does not lose its charm even if it gets old. But, it is not only about visual beauty. This natural stone is heat resistant as well. 

Well, marble does come with a price. In this case, you can use it in many unique ways to make it worthy. So, here are some ways to incorporate marble in your home:

  1. Kitchen islands
  2. Marble countertops 
  3. Kitchen backsplashes
  4. Marble table tops
  5. Bathroom floors
  6. In half walls
  7. Bathtub surrounds
  8. Fireplace insert

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Kitchen islands:

A kitchen island is a smaller area than a counter that makes a great visual impact on your kitchen. So, you can use a marble top for this island look. They make a statement in your cooking area. For the perfect look, pair a white marble island with dark grey or navy kitchen cabinets. Also, choose a bold veiny pattern in this case. Add glassware to bring a state of calm to your place. 

Marble countertops:

Well, one of the most obvious uses of marble is marble countertops. They are the most elegant and unique in their looks. Also, they come in bold veining patterns. Most people prefer white marble countertops with grey and blueprints. That is the best choice for any kitchen style.

Not only for the kitchen, but marble counters are perfect for bathrooms as well. In addition, they can adjust many sink tops on their surface. As counters, marble can resist heat and moisture very well. It is perfect for both modern and traditional setups.

Kitchen backsplashes

Marble backsplashes are very common to find in kitchens. If you have dark or rustic cabinetry, go for white marble backsplashes. In addition, you can use marble tiles or marble slabs as a backdrop. If you have just installed a marble slab, use the leftovers in your cooking area. In the same way, you can join two or more slabs to create a bold visual impact. Moreover, these marble backdrops are easy to clean.

Marble tabletops:

As you know, marble comes with a price, so use its remnants. If you have a nice piece of marble that fits a tabletop, go for it. In this way, use your skills and create a coffee table. It is the best way to use marble pieces in your home. This tabletop will look unique and classic in your living room. Also, you may place it in your kitchen to add more décor. Also, seal the top to make it last longer.

Bathroom floors:

Marble tiles are still the best choice for bathroom floors. Their bold veiny pattern and white base are ideal for a clean outlook. Always pick slabs that are large in size. In this way, they are easy to care for and stylish as well. Also, choose a bold pattern rather than grainy spots. When the design spreads all over the surface, it will make a perfect bath floor. Also, you can make it clear with dark border tiles.

In half walls:

Some homes have half-wall decor in the kitchen and bathrooms. So, use marble to create half walls. Consider utilizing marble to make these walls into a focal point. These half walls add a unique texture to your home. Plus, they are easy to maintain. Add a wall cap to make an elegant statement. Plus, you can create an entire wall of marble with the bold grey veiny pattern. In hot summers, these walls will remain cold for you.

Bathtub surrounds:

Perhaps, you chose white marble tiles for the bathroom floor and backsplashes. But, the tub surroundings are also essential. In this case, use tiles or marble pieces for tub surrounds. They are pretty and durable as well. In addition, you may use them for shower walls. These simple applications can be practical and stylish for any home. But, always consider using leftover slabs for these areas.

Fireplace insert

Marble resists heat very well. That is why it is perfect for fireplace surrounds and inserts. We love the classic look of it around the fireplace. A fully marbled area with a mantel is the best combo. Also, go for white marble countertops in this case. So, change the outlook of your home with these small ideas.

Other ideas:

If you have marble cut pieces, use them in the garden area. You can create a nice pathway by fixing marble pieces in the ground. Also, use it around the plants. 


 Despite having a high price tag, marble is worth the price. It is elegant and classic for any home interior. Other than marble countertops, you can use them in kitchen islands and backsplashes. Also, marble bath counters and floors are a perfect choice. In the same way, create half walls in your kitchen and living area. So, it is fun to build simple stuff using marble pieces. For quality marble slabs, visit silvermarblegranite.com.