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As a business owner, you likely have some questions about how to properly run your company. You might want to know what marketing strategies work best or how to manage your employees’ time more efficiently. While there are many different factors that impact the success of a company, one important aspect is having an efficient office space. Here are eight little-known facts about the firm that will help you get the most out of yours!

1. Your employees are happiest in a warmer environment

Studies have shown that the average worker is most productive when the office temperature is around 77 degrees Fahrenheit. This finding may seem surprising as some people assume that a colder work environment would be more conducive to active thinking and lead to higher productivity levels, but study after study has demonstrated this isn’t the case.

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2. Your employees should have a window, but it shouldn’t face outside

While a window is a must for many workers, it’s important to note that not all windows are created equal. New York University conducted a study in which researchers found that an inch of glass facing outwards actually distracts from productivity as opposed to adding to it.

3. Employees are less productive in an open office

Many companies are switching from closed-office layouts to more open floor plans, but this actually has a negative effect on the company’s employees, leading them to be less productive than their closed-office counterparts. A University of Sydney study revealed that workers in an open-office environment are 68% more likely to be interrupted than their peers in a traditional corporate setting.

4. A plant can increase productivity by 15 percent

It’s thought that adding something alive to office space will help workers relax and take some of the stress out of the job, but it turns out that even just one small pot plant can have a substantial effect on employees. A study conducted by researchers at Exeter University found that workers in a room with a plant were 15 percent more productive than those working elsewhere, and they were also 31 percent happier to be at work overall.

5. The average worker spends over 100 minutes each day finding documents from the office

It’s well established that losing documents can have a major impact on the effectiveness of a business, and over half of workers feel that they don’t have enough time to complete their assigned tasks. In an effort to improve productivity levels in the workplace, there are several strategies you can employ from strategies for better communication to ways to increase your company’s efficiency.

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6. Technology doesn’t necessarily streamline your workflow

In a lot of cases, technology is seen as the ultimate solution for making offices more efficient. However, there are certain technologies that can actually have a negative impact on productivity. Phone calls and emails have been found to be one of the biggest distractions in the workplace, so it’s important to understand how your employees use their technologies and how they can avoid distractions.

7. Open offices actually increase the chance of catching a cold

The open-office concept has been around for decades, but it’s only recently that there has been proper research done on the effects such an environment might have on workers’ health. Studies show that workers in more open environments are far less likely to wash their hands after coming into contact with a virus, and the lack of control over their environment puts them at a greater risk for illness.

8. The average office desk is soiled with 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat

This study effectively put an end to the idea that your desk was somehow cleaner than a public restroom, so it’s important to encourage your employees to practice good hygiene habits and take the necessary steps to avoid catching the office bug.

There are several strategies you can implement within your organization, from enforcing a strict schedule for emailing bosses and filing documents to holding meetings in remote locations where employees feel more comfortable. Implementing a few changes that improve personal productivity levels can have a notable effect on the company’s overall output. [ARTICLE END]

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