8.5 thousand residents of Sakhalin due to the accident were left without cold water

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As a result of the accident, 8.5 thousand Sakhalin residents on Wednesday, April 21, were left without cold water.

It is clarified that the water supply was turned off in 200 houses in Uglegorsk.

“On April 21 at 12:30 (04:30 Moscow time), the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Sakhalin Region received a message that in Uglegorsk, house No. 169 on Pobeda Street, a section of the main cold water supply pipe was damaged as a result of wear,” the REN TV channel reports. press service of the regional government.

Specialists are currently working at the scene of the accident.

The day before, on April 20, it became known that the students of the Sakhalin Polytechnic Center No. 2, located in the central part of Sakhalin, were transferred to a distance learning format in connection with an examination of the building of the educational institution for items of possible damage caused by the earthquake that occurred on Monday, 19 April.

It is noted that students will be able to return to full-time training not earlier than next week.