7 Reasons Why People Like 5g Phone

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5G has recently become the talk of the town and is undoubtedly a technological game-changer. And rightly so, since it will revolutionize the way we live and work, creating new windows of opportunity that were seemingly impossible. 

Naturally, many users are allured to 5G phones even though this technology is not live in India as of now. So let’s dive into seven reasons why people prefer 5G phones and what are some of the exciting prospects offered by 5G:  



The core reason users buy a 5G phone today is to prepare for what is still to come. Further, industry trends reflect that more users are holding onto their phones much longer than they used to in the past, thereby making a 5G purchase an inevitable choice. Talking about 5G connectivity, these mobiles do not limit users from accessing 4G networks and effortlessly switching to 5G once the technology is made available.

Today the top 10 mobile brands in India are directing their innovation efforts towards designing 5G phones which are affordable and compatible with the latest 5G technology.


  • Higher Download Speeds


In a technology-driven era where time is an invaluable asset, users gravitate to 5G mobiles for the sheer advantage of higher downloading speed. Theoretically, 5G is around 100 times faster than 4G allowing you to download, upload and stream at insane speed without any Wi-Fi assistance. You can also make high-resolution video calls, play high-resolution multiplayer games via cloud gaming, and consume immersive VR content because of this speed. 


  • Futuristic specifications 


The market is flooded with 5G phones, and manufacturers are even marketing it as the most significant selling point. However, what goes unnoticed is that these mobiles, besides being compatible with 5G, are also future-looking and flaunt the most progressive technical specifications and contemporary features. For instance, Xiaomi, which heads the pact of mobile brands in the country, aggressively focuses on mid-budget 5G offerings with never-seen features. The Mi 10i 5G, one of the top 10 mobiles in India under 25000 offering 5G connectivity, comes with a 108MP mega quad camera, which is rare to find in this price segment.


  • Reduced latency


Latency is referred to as the delay between sending and receiving information. With 5G designed to reduce latency, this will enable faster transmission of data than 4G, allowing users to send and receive text messages faster, make clearer video calls, and instantaneously transfer and download large files. The OnePlus 9 Pro is in the top 10 mobile phones in the country and is powered with the ultra-sophisticated Snapdragon 888 5G processor making it a preferred pick for users who desire cutting-edge speed. 

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  • Improved accessibility and capacity


5G is more than just better speed. The network is designed to provide much more network capacity by expanding into new spectrums, thereby supporting up to 100x more traffic. It means that more devices and people can connect using a 5G network when compared to a 4G network. This translates into better signal strength, improved call quality with less interference and faster speeds even at peak times and in crowded places. The Samsung Galaxy S21 is in the top 10 5G mobile phones in India, featuring next-level connectivity and supporting most network frequencies, thereby maximizing your ability to utilize the blazing fast 5G technology.


  • A more intelligent and connected ecosystem


The smartphone has travelled a long journey, and users want to use their phones in all aspects of their work and life. 5G adoption will enable one to harness the actual power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and deliver the level of performance needed for an increasingly connected ecosystem. Moreover, 5G will cut through practically every industry like transportation, remote healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture and owning a 5G phone will give users a straight advantage.


  • Good affordability


When it comes to new phone purchases, the cost is always one of the key drivers. Since the most significant percentage of the population in India resides in the budget segment, the leading top 10 mobile brands in the country can’t ignore this aspect while launching 5G phones. While the first 5G phones were initially restricted to the premium segment, the story looks very different today, with brands doling out 5G handsets with phenomenal features at unbelievable pricing even in the budget segment under 20000.

To conclude, 

It’s no mystery then why 5G is going to transform the smartphone landscape. The future holds nothing but exciting new opportunities brought on by the power and capabilities of 5G technology. So jump onto the bandwagon and visit the Bajaj Finserv EMI store to see the latest 5G phones available for you to get future-ready!