7 Major Types of Nursing Home Abuses in Chicago! A Five-Minute Read

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Nursing home abuse happens when caregivers harm nursing facility residents. Abuse can include both deliberate and unintended harm. Nursing facilities are an important resource for seniors, the disabled, and myriad individuals.

However, there is a negative aspect to the services given in these centers. Nursing home abuse and exploitation undermine the expectancy of service, and it manifests itself in a variety of ways.

Nursing home abuse is the purposeful imposition of hurt, harassment, or punishment, resulting in severe suffering, discomfort, or mental agony. Nursing home abusive behavior and mistreatment cases in Chicago can take many forms. Nursing home negligence and mistreatment often result in catastrophic medical complications.

With the assistance of a lawyer, one can pursue monetary support to cover the costs of a loved one’s healthcare and other costs. Chicago Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers are knowledgeable and can assist one at every step of the road. They aid in the recovery of all losses done by the nurses’ neglect of the elderly!

Forms of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuses

It is critical to understand nursing home abuse to assist our beloved ones adequately. The major ones are listed below;

Abuse of Emotions

Abuse of the mind or emotions produces mental suffering, stress, or sadness. It includes personnel screaming at or insulting elders. This type of maltreatment is typically vocal, but it is not always the situation.

Nonverbal forms of mental torture include, for example, giving an older adult the befitting reply or isolating them from family members. While it does not cause physical scars, it is just as dangerous. Residents of nursing homes suffer fear and sadness if subjected to abusive behavior.


Nursing home patients, in general, are unable to live independently and require regular help with medical services, meal preparation, and personal cleanliness. Abandonment occurs when relatives or caregivers leave a person to manage for themselves.

Malnutrition and Dehydration

Inadequate nutrition wreaks havoc on the body. Nutritional needs can alter as a result of medicines and health conditions. Malnutrition can occur if care home personnel fail to manage a resident’s dietary requirements.

Also, elderly residents over the age of 65 should drink plenty of water. Otherwise, they risk severe symptoms, leading to various health concerns ranging from organ failure to seizures and heat stroke. Sadly, some nursing facilities do not offer adequate water to their residents, either accidentally or on purpose. In any case, it is our responsibility to hold them accountable and to be your family’s advocate for justice.

Failing to keep records of data

Nursing facilities must closely monitor patients to ensure they are not sick, ill, or suffering from major health concerns. That is why care facilities must have qualified employees and a low worker-to-patient ratio. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep the nursing home liable for its activities or lack thereof.

Consult an expert Chicago Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer if anyone’s loved one has been the subject of nursing home maltreatment. They look into the conditions, hold the involved authorities answerable, and seek restitution for your damages.

Mistakes in Medications

Medication administration must be followed thoroughly by nursing home staff. When providing treatment to seniors, staff personnel may make errors. It can lead to serious, perhaps fatal, issues.


Nursing home staff workers must maintain each patient’s hygiene by cleaning and washing their clothes. If they do not, they force the patients to wear dirty garments for days or weeks, affecting their health.


Intense pressure on a single location of the body causes these sores. It occurs when not shifting a person regularly, thus aggravating the problem. Bedsores are an obvious indication of maltreatment. When bedsores first appear, a tiny ulcer or damaged skin area appears.

It is the initial stage and may cause minor discomfort. However, if they remain untreated, they will progress through several stages.

No doubt, bedsores are avoidable with adequate treatment. They can progress into major injuries, with deadly effects in some situations. Unprofessional and untrained nursing home workers lack knowledge in diagnosing and treating senior citizens.

Nursing Home Abuses


Nursing home abuse is any damage or wrongdoing done against an older adult in a nursing care facility. It could arise as a result of nursing lack of nursing staff in health care facilities and abuses of the basic rights of the elderly. Neglect, emotional and financial abuses, abandonment, hunger, bedsores, and prescription errors are just a few instances.

One may plan to ask justice on account of a loved one who is elderly. If anyone wishes to make a strong nursing abuse claim, talk to an attorney about the legal avenues and rights. Call (312) 372-8822 to get complete assistance with a reputable Chicago Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer!