7 Best Elementor Addons & Plugins for WordPress in 2024

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By Henry Jackson

Elementor Addons have recently become increasingly popular in the last few years. They are developed for the purpose of enhancing the functionality of your Elementor Page Builder and WordPress. The plugins allow you to easily develop and design a website with advanced features and widgets. 

I have compiled a list of the 7 best Addons that you should look for in 2024. In the article, I discuss the offering of these Addons in their free and premium version, their pricing, and key features.

Introduction to Elementor

Elementor is a WordPress website builder that offers an easy-to-use page builder. It is a drag-and-drop tool that makes it incredibly easy to develop and design a website. The tool was launched 6 years ago and since then has captured an incredible amount of customers. The plugin has more than 5 million active installs and growing. 

Anyone who is in the web development industry will be familiar with and agree that Elementor is the best WordPress plugin. If you are not a developer and want to create a website then Elementor allows you to easily build a professional website. 

Elementor Page Builder

Importance of Elementor Addon

Elementor is a great tool, however, it is not perfect. An improvement is required to make it even better to use. Who does not wants to build an amazing site? This is where Elementor Addons comes in to improve the core functionality of Elementor Page Builder.

Elementor Addons enhance the functionality of Elementor Page builder. Elementor itself comes with Free and premium widgets, features, and theme templates. Elementor Addons, however, takes this to a new level by giving a choice of new design widgets, features, and templates with advanced features. Some offer unique features you may not find in the Elementor. 

Now that you have understood the importance of Elementor Addons, here is a list of factors you should look for before purchasing and downloading the WordPress Elementor Addon.


Different plugins come with different numbers and quality features. On average, Elementor Addons offer 80 widgets with 15 extensions. Look for a plugin that offers more widgets with advanced functionality. More options can give you a better chance to make an appealing website.


Plugins offer different price plans according to your need. They are mostly divided into annual and lifetime payment plans. If you are going to use a plugin for freelancing or your organization then I recommend purchasing a lifetime business plan. They all come in different price ranges so select a plugin that suits your budget.


No one wants to run into a problem while developing a website. Elementor has many third-party plugins so you may find a widget that is not compatible with Elementor. Make sure the WordPress plugin you have chosen is fully compatible with Elementor Page Builder.


You may find an issue or need help that needs professional support. The plugin developer should be able to help you overcome the problem that you found while using their platform. Or they can answer your queries on time. Search who is providing the best support in the market.

Best Elementor Addons 

Now that you know what to look for before downloading and purchasing an Elementor Addon, here are the 7 best Elementor Addons I found in the WordPress industry. Here I will discuss the following Elementor Addons and mention their price and key features.

  1. Xpro Elementor Addon
  2. Essential Addon
  3. Ultimate Addons
  4. HT Mega
  5. Move Addon
  6. Happy Addon
  7. Element Kit

Xpro Elementor Addon

Xpro Elementor Addons is a well-reputed Addons in the market that offers one of the best Elementor Addons to help developers create a website with minimal effort. It has advanced features to allow you to create a highly creative and modern website for blogs, news, e-commerce, etc. It offers the best WooCommerce Widgets for Elementor such as product tab, title, image, etc.

The add-ons come with a huge collection of widgets, extensions, and theme templates. They offer more than 125 widgets and amazing 100-plus starter sites. It offers a massive library of Xpro icons and 100+ block sections that give the freedom to customize the layout in any shape.

The best thing about the plugin is it offers a Free Theme builder for Elementor. The theme builder allows you to easily customize each part of the site theme including creating a header and footer. Xpro Addons offers a huge collection of prebuilt header and footer templates to choose from.

Xpro Elementor Addons

Key Features

  • 50+ FREE Widgets & 125+ Premium Widgets
  • Free Theme Builder
  • 15+ WooCommerce Widgets
  • WPML Ready
  • 20+ Extensions


One Site License Unlimited Site License 5 Site License
Annual $37 $173 $137
Life Time $137 $573 $373

Essential Addon

Essential Addons enhance the performance of Elementor Page builder and provide your website the strength and features which can generate a better user experience. The widgets and features of the add-ons are increasingly effective and user-friendly. 

Control everything and make the display according to your requirement with its fully customizable widgets. Essentials offer a collection of more than 65 widgets and features. The lightweight widgets are powerful and do not impact the site speed.

Essential Addons

Key Features

  • 65+ Premium widgets
  • Unlimited Activation with the premium plan
  • Customer Support
  • Free filterable gallery widget


One Site License Unlimited Site License
Annual $39.98 $79.98
Life Time $639.2

Ultimate Addon

This might be the most popular and commonly used Elementor Addon in the list. It has a good experience in the WordPress market and greatly contributed to its customers. The advanced functionality of the plugin allows developers to create a website that grabs the eyes of visitors. 

Ultimate Addons has the capability of creating an appealing website with the help of more than 50 amazing widgets, 100+ website templates, and 200+ section blocks. Its robust designs provide a unique look and capture the eyes of visitors.

Ultimate Addons

Key Features

  • 50+ Widgets
  • 200+ Section Block
  • Cross site Copy Paste
  • WooCommerce Widgets


Ultimate Addon Essential Bundle Growth Bundle
Annual $57 $157 $187
Life Time $237 $677 $937

HT Mega

Another amazing WordPress Elementor Addon, HT Mega, is a fantastic tool that helps developers create an engaging website. It offers a package of amazing 80+ elements with more than 360 template blocks.

It offers designs and features which are extremely elegant and effective. The user-friendly tool has light weighted widgets which make the website speed faster and enhances user experience.

HT Mega

Key Features

  • 107+ widgets
  • 700+ Elementor Block
  • Accessible for 999 websites
  • Premium Intuitive Theme Builder


One Site License 5 Site License 999 sites
Life Time $49 $149 $159

Move Addon

In their free version, Move Addon offers more than 40 widgets to help developers create a basic website. The complete premium package comes with 80+ widgets. The creative widget simplifies the workload of a developer by offering an easy solution to a complex layout.

The flexibility of this addon makes it incredibly efficient to use. The customization is advanced and allows you to create a layout of your choice. Its compatibility is great with Elementor and works on any browser.

Move Addons

Key Features

  • 80+ Widgets
  • Activation upto 1000 sites
  • Live Copy
  • Customer Support


One Site License Unlimited Site License 5 Site License
Annual $39 $179 $89
Life Time $149 $549 $349

Happy Addon

Happy Addons have been created by WeDev famously developed other WordPress plugins like WP Manager. They recently introduce themself in the market of Elementor Addons to allow users to easily create a WordPress website. It makes itself stand out from the competition by offering more than 20 advanced Elementor extensions that give a website a professional look and engage a user.

Achieve the best results with great functionality widgets that allow you to perform complex editing in an efficient way. The addon understands the importance of flexibility in web development and consists of huge customization for all its widgets to design it in any way.

Happy Addons

Key Features

  • 120+ Widgets
  • 20+ Extensions
  • Support Response in 6 hours
  • Cross Domain Copy Paste


One Site License 1000 Site License 5 Site License
Annual $39 $189 $89
Life Time $149 $549 $349

Element Kit

Last of the list but not least, Elementkit offers the most trendy and modern widget design that keeps your website fresh for the visitors. It engages users with attractive features. They keep on adding more sophisticated widgets and increasing their portfolio. 

The plugin provides everything a developer requires to build an appealing website. Its widgets and comprehensive features are perfect for freelancers. The customizations offered by them let you perform advanced tasks on your webpage.


Key Features

  • 85+ Widgets & Extensions
  • 500+ Ready Blocks
  • Header & Footer Builder
  • Advance Parallax Effect


One Site License 5 Site License Unlimited License
Annual 39 87 179
Life Time 119 259 489


Now that you are familiar with all the Elementor plugins, choose and download the best Elementor Addon which you think is perfect for you. You do have the option to leave all these Addons and go for the Elemetor Pro. Elementor itself comes with the free and paid version which, like every addon, consists of basic widgets in the free version and advanced features in the premium version. However, Elementor Pro is quite expensive compared to these third-party plugins.

My opinion would be to use the Elementor Page builder with Elementor Addon. If you want to create a basic website then free add-ons consist of good widgets to help you construct a good website. On the other hand, the advanced website will require advanced add-ons which can be only achieved through premium Elementor Addons.