6 Tips to Take Care of Your Eyes While Wearing Contacts

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Many of us love wearing contacts, however, wearing contacts alone is not enough. Contact lenses are one of the popular trends in the current fashion industry. You may love wearing colorful contact lenses and even they can help you forget your specs but you know there are many eye health concerns. 

Eye contact lenses require proper care to prevent eye damage. Not taking proper care of your contact lenses can be quite harmful to your eye’s health. I remember one of my friends developed a serious eye infection due to not wearing her contact lenses properly. Initially, her eye infection was not diagnosed and she had to visit many best eye specialists in Karachi. Then a physician found that she developed a serious eye infection and this was something very concerning. 

How to Take Care of Your Lenses?

Thus one needs to take proper care of eye lenses. No matter how expert you are, there are still risks associated with these contact lenses that you can’t ignore. So, if you are someone who is fond of wearing contacts on a daily basis and looking for ways that can enable you to take proper care of your eyes, then this article might be the perfect read for you. Here is all you need to know about wearing lenses properly. 

1- Clean your lens

Before you put lenses in your eyes, be mindful that your lenses need to be cleaned properly. In order to clean your contacts properly, you need to take a few drops of lens cleaning solution and keep the lens in it for a few seconds. This can ultimately help to remove all the debris from the lens and make it clean before you put it into your eyes. 

2- Wash your hands

No matter how clean your hands are, there are still chances that your hands are going to carry germ through your fingers. When you touch your contacts with dirty hands, this can ultimately cause you to transfer these germs directly into your eyes. So, it is important to wash your hands every time you are going to put contacts in your eyes.

3- Frequently change lens solutions

There has been a lot of debate on using lens solutions but do you know that an inappropriate solution can cause damage to your eyes. First of all, you need to understand that your ordinary tap water is not equivalent to the lens solution as this is not germs free. These germs and debris in tap water can stick to your lens surfaces and can be carried to your eyes as soon as you place these lenses into your eyes. So, the use of lens solution is a must and you need to change this solution after frequent intervals.

4- Avoid chemical contacts

Exposure of contact lenses to chemicals can be harmful to your eye’s health. For this reason, it is always prohibited to not swim or shower with your lenses on. This is because your washing soaps as well as the water in the swimming pool contains chemicals for cleaning or disinfection purposes. When you shower or swim with lenses on, there are chances that these chemicals might get into your eyes and can be a cause of irritation. 

5- Keep an eye on the expiry

Just like all other things, contact lenses also come with an expiry date. So, yes you need to keep an eye on the expiry date of contacts. If you are not keeping an eye on the expiry date then you are definitely going to damage your eyes on your own. 

6- Take breaks

No matter how much you love putting in contacts but there is always a time when you need to take a break from the lenses. Choose the time that works best for you and on these days keep lenses away. 

Bottom Line!

Taking care of your eyes is important and becomes even more important when you are using contact lenses. Yes, you should take proper care of eye lenses but you may not always know if there is anything wrong. So, as soon as you tend to experience any changes in your vision after you put on your lenses or even see redness in your eyes, it is important to address the matter. Keep an eye on the warning signs and talk to your physician as soon as you tend to experience these changes.