6 Self-Care Tips to Ease Seasonal Depression

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Depression is one of the most annoying disorders to have. There are several types of depression, and seasonal depression is one of them. This type of depression is characterized by having shorter days and longer nights. Many people report that the shorter days zap their energy and leave them feeling sad. This is because the shorter days tend to disrupt the standard, 24-hour clock that the body is used to. In addition to feeling low, you may also experience other symptoms such as tiredness and a loss of energy, oversleeping, a change in appetite, and even losing interest in activities you used to love participating in.

Nothing can cure depression, as it is often an incurable condition. Fortunately, self-care tips can help to ease seasonal depression. Here are six helpful self-care tips you can use to reduce seasonal depression.

Consult a Doctor

If you think you have seasonal depression, the first thing you should do is consult a doctor. Depression is no joke. This condition has, directly and indirectly, killed millions worldwide, and over 280 million people currently have depression. Many people out of this number don’t bother to consult a doctor, therapist, or psychiatrist. Not only is this unhealthy, but it is also dangerous to them.

When you get to the doctor, there are several screening questions that they would ask you to determine if you are depressed. Psychologists and psychiatrists are some of the best minds in the world, so they would be able to determine if you have depression or not accurately.

Use Some CBD

CBD is a fantastic substance that is surprisingly controversial. About a century ago, many countries banned their citizens from using, producing, or distributing this substance, along with its parent plant, cannabis. Luckily, these same countries are now beginning to lift this ban on cannabis, allowing scientists to conduct considerable research on it. Their study found that CBD provides many medicinal benefits. For one, CBD helps significantly reduce stress and anxiety. It also helps to suppress all forms of depression, including seasonal depression. It does all these through its interactions with the endocannabinoid system. Because CBD has now been legalized, there are a lot of stores you can get it from. You can try Delta 8 thc concentrates for its medicinal benefits from any CBD dispensary around you. You can also find CBD stores online.

Keep As Much Light On As Possible

Strange as it seems, the amount of light you also receive significantly influences the development of depression. Many psychiatrists approve of bright light therapy; as the 2017 Einstein Journal of Biology and Medicine stated, you can buy an illuminated lightbox to get the required amount of sunlight you need. These devices try their best to mimic the effects of sunlight, which massively helps to manage seasonal depression. It’s significantly brighter when compared to a lightbulb. It will result in a chemical change occurring in your brain that boosts your mood and encourages the production of endorphins and “happy hormones.”

Take Some Antidepressants

Antidepressants are a reliable set of medicines that would help you manage seasonal depression and any other type of depression. Upon evaluation, you would get an antidepressant prescription from your doctor. Most psychiatrists would advise you to use the medication from autumn till spring.

However, if you notice any severe side effects while taking these medications, tell your doctor about it.

Participate in Social Activities

Social activities are very underrated. Now that we all lead busy lives, not many of us make time out for social activities. The pandemic that’s been around since 2020 has made things even worse. However, several reports show that failure to participate in social activities and socialize regularly would lead to the development of several mental health disorders such as social anxiety disorders and mood disorders like seasonal depression.

Hence, it is essential to socialize to prevent the full effects of seasonal depression. If you can’t go out to meet up with family and friends, find creative ways to keep in touch instead.

Have A Schedule

Living your life as it comes is also a huge factor that could mess with your mental health. Living your life without having a plan or schedule to stick to can take a significant toll on your mental health. It would be best to create a program if you don’t have one during this challenging period. Doing this and sticking to it can help produce more dopamine, boosting your mood.

The Verdict

Admittedly, trying to lift yourself out of depressive episodes can be pretty challenging. However, these six tips above can help you manage seasonal depression as much as possible and leave you feeling better all season long. We hope that this article has been helpful and informative and that you can now walk away with some new ideas to help elevate your mood!