6 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Inspirations: The Perfect Project

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Winter is on its way! There are cookouts, barbeques, and countless outdoor fun to look forward to. However, hosting outdoor parties and running inside and outside with food and drink may grow tiring. Therefore, if you enjoy socializing and love cooking, an outdoor kitchen will revamp both your garden and your evening parties.

Cooking al fresco is far superior to being locked up in the kitchen as the weather gets colder. Therefore, invest in an outdoor kitchen this winter and shift your little party permanently to the backyard. Outdoor kitchens go great with carpets, artwork, a swing, and even a countertop fireplace in a backyard dining area.


Is Adding An Outdoor Kitchen Valuable? 

Remodeling a home not only adds to its value but also allows owners to upgrade and modify designs to match their ever-changing needs. Many renovation projects yield a higher return on investment than others. In recent years, outdoor living spaces, for example, have grown in popularity. Consider adding a platform to your backyard if you have the space because when it’s time to sell, improving any outdoor space will help you lure potential buyers.

You can save a lot of money by building the deck yourself, but it may be more complicated than you imagined. The time and money can quickly pile up when you consider the expense of equipment and time spent learning how to build your new outdoor area. It is usually a better option to hire a skilled contracting business. If you live in Georgia and want to add an open kitchen to your house, outdoor kitchen cumming ga is the perfect company to contact. They offer excellent supervision during the construction stage, and their trained personnel will walk you through the procedure from beginning to end.


You’ll love your outdoor cooking and eating area for many years, be it for yourself or entertaining your visitors. Most people only focus on what happens inside the house when it comes to property values, but the exterior of your home can have a huge impact on its value. There are a plethora of methods to build an outdoor kitchen, ranging from simple to extravagant. The amount you pay varies greatly because you can choose from a variety of grill layouts, which will affect your initial expenditures.

According to real estate experts, adding an outdoor kitchen has an average of 100 to 200 percent return on investment, but this heavily depends on the temperature (with higher ROI in warmer places) and the selection of sustainable materials. Fire pits are also popular among buyers; a well-designed fire pit can yield a 150 percent return on investment if purchased and built at an affordable price.

Here are a few well-designed outdoor kitchens with plenty of décor ideas to get you started.

  1. Covered Outdoor Kitchen

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While barbecue has traditionally been popular, demand for covered outdoor kitchens has increased recently. The benefit of having a substantial structure above is that you can arrange garden events without having to worry about the climate condition. The best outdoor kitchens have seating as well as adequate cooking preparation space and work surface for cookware, tableware, and utensils. In addition, a long chimney will direct smoke away from the house as well as your eyes.

  1. Wooden Outdoor Kitchen

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If you’re trying to save money on your outdoor kitchen, explore thrift shops to see if you can find some old furniture pieces. After that, all you have to do is redesign them to match your outdoor kitchen space. To dress them up a little, throw in some bricks or stones. This is an inexpensive and simple way to build an outdoor kitchen, and it can be built over the course of a weekend.

  1. Outdoor Cocktail Bar

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Give your get-togethers a cocktail-bar vibe without going out in public. For this, a garden bar is a terrific way to make better use of the outdoor space. A bar occupies far less space than a dining room. Materials that can tolerate year-round exposure, such as a well-sealed natural stone countertop and treated wood cladding, should be used. Moreover, choose important components, such as an outside wine cooler or sink, and construct the bar around them.

  1. Backyard Pergola/Patio Roof

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A little shade provides a wonderful escape during the warm summer days for a more enjoyable cooking experience. Consider incorporating a pergola that only covers the kitchen area, leaving the rest of the patio open and bright. Your visitors will be able to enjoy the sun as you remain under the shade—calm and comfortable—preparing the food. If you have a patio or porch, a roofed structure will allow you to spend more time entertaining guests or relaxing outside.

  1. Rooftop Kitchen

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To be near to the bustle, city people have to make many sacrifices. Thankfully, an outdoor kitchen does not have to be included in that list. Turn a stable, flat roof into an entertainment venue to make the most of it. This way homeowners save crucial space for lounging by placing appliances near the rooftop’s edge. Fresh herbs or beautiful flowers would look just as good in the surrounding flower pots.

Prioritize Your Safety

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When it comes to the design and arrangement of an outdoor kitchen, safety should always come first. If you are building a barbecue grill, avoid explosive materials and opt for materials that can endure temperatures of up to 300-350 degrees Celsius. In addition, when developing the layout, always prioritize your safety. Make sure there is a clear path from the kitchen area to the dining hall.


The Bottomline

There is nothing more fulfilling than enjoying a meal outside when the weather is warm and beautiful. You can cook and enjoy your meal while basking in the sun or looking at the stars with these outdoor kitchen designs. This winter, treat yourself to a stay-cation in your garden by incorporating a restaurant-style outdoor kitchen into the design.