5 Ways to Streamline Your Business with Salesforce

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Business performance is the essential need to achieve success. For any business to succeed effectively, continuous and consistent optimization and management are needed. Salesforce thus comes in handy in offering organizations the right kind of tools that help in boosting the overall performance, increasing ROI, boosting revenue, and streamlining business processes. Salesforce also acts as a CRM system containing essential data about customers and prospects.  

Additionally, it provides dashboards and reports that enable smart decision-making. Essentially, Salesforce is a high-quality management tool for customer relationships. The tool supports closing more deals, empowering sales, and accuracy improvement. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in enhancing productivity through value addition. Therefore, any kind and size of a marketing cloud consulting company can leverage the available modern cloud-based solutions, which assist in promoting collaboration between employees, increasing team productivity, and creating a good and positive customer experience. This article demonstrates five practical ways you can streamline your business using Salesforce. 

  1. Generate leads of high value 

The generation of leads is not all about putting in all the available leads and then delivering them to your sales representative. It is about using the best channels to get the right audience so you can develop relationships. The top three channels for the generation of high-quality leads, according to a specific report, include; 

  • Influencers 
  • Websites 
  • Advertising or Social Publishing 

Since finding the right customers consumes a lot of time, Salesforce plays a massive role in simplifying customers’ searches. You can utilize marketing tools to track your customer’s actions and analyze and predict your customers’ needs. For instance, the Einstein AI assists in determining the most active leads and the ones you need to pay close attention to. It also possesses a robust algorithm that locates where there is leadership in your pipeline and the right step that should be taken. 

     2. Manage Customer Support 

It is usually easy to manage the customer service needs of the initial few customers when the business is still at its nascent stage. However, with time, your client base will grow immensely, thus necessitating the need for continual customer delivery services. With time, you must put a proper customer service management strategy to exceed and meet your customers’ expectations. Achieving that is possible with the Service Cloud for Salesforce. It streamlines the process for consumers and teams.  

You can easily and quickly resolve cases by combining automated processes bearing easy accessibility to the full context, history, and details of interactions. Additionally, you can match cases automatically from chat, messaging, social, email, phone, and voice to an agent. 

    3. Track your competitors

Every company requires the best insight into competitors to remain competitive. When competitor information is recorded, sales representatives will be encouraged to rethink their approach and find the best possible closing of every sales opportunity. A standard Salesforce competitor tracking function captures basic information concerning competitors at every opportunity. Additionally, you can utilize the “Reason Lost” picklist, a custom object, the Partner Roles feature, or a custom GSP solution to track your competitors for more advanced options. 

   4. Build Custom Applications and integrate them 


Salesforce has cloud-based software that is easy to modify and configure. You can also build your applications with Salesforce AppExchange apart from customization. You can also launch an application specific to your company using the service. It will also come with a whole data analytics package, process automation, regulatory compliance, new product development, customer support, and improved collaboration. 

Using Salesforce, you can connect your CRM tool with your third-party applications. The integrated software for CRM increases efficiency and productivity by gathering data in a single place. The ecosystem of Salesforce has hundreds of components, products, consulting services, and pre-built templates. More information on the same is found in AppExchange, which contains apps for all industries and departments. You will not need too many integrations since Salesforce CRM is robust. Some of the most popular Salesforce CRM are: 

  • G-Suite 
  • Slack 
  • Mailchimp 
  • Zapier 
  • Quickbooks

   5.Nurture Leads

The nurturing of leads entails undertaking valuable communication with a person on the individual level through the customer journey stages to understand their hurtful needs and points. It is meant for building trust and educating people about your products. It is hardly about immediate sales. You can automate and optimize your lead nurturing campaign using Salesforce Sales Cloud. Additionally, it enables you to create relevant and personalized content, target by prospect persona or decision stage, nurture campaign workflows, segment lead data, and multichannel your integration. These are very effective tactics for developing solid relationships with your audience and improving customer retention. Also checkout AppSumo Coupon Codes.

Final Thoughts 

Salesforce remains one of the best CRM tools because of its regular updates, reliability, simplicity, ease of use, and elimination of complex coding. It has assisted thousands of companies in improving and enhancing their customer engagement and management. The integration services of Salesforce offer great returns to businesses and organizations. They greatly help streamline business processes, including the automation of business workflows, which reduces operating costs. However, it is a technical project, thus the need for expert supervision.  

You need to work with the best Salesforce integration service providers for maximum and optimal results.