5 Tips on How to Quickly Spot an Emergency Dentist

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Imagine this: you find yourself in an accident where your teeth were compromised in the process. It could be a cracked tooth, displaced tooth, lost tooth, oral infection, or broken dental appliances. Unfortunately, you don’t have a go-to dentist whom you can call for help. So, what do you do? Will you carry out home remedies, or will it be best to call an emergency dentist?

Of course, it should be the latter.

Certain dental emergencies should be dealt with right away, or they will cost you a tooth. You will need it all the more if it gives you excruciating pain and excessive bleeding.

With that said, here are 5 tips that can help you choose an emergency dentist in Burlington who can help you handle any dental emergencies involving you or your family before they even happen.

Tip #1: Look up emergency dentists near where you live or stay

Wherever you travel or transfer residence, it is always imperative to know who to call should emergencies happen—including dental emergencies. So, if you are looking for a dental office in London, Ontario, look up “emergency dentist in London” online to know a clinic that offers emergency dental services close to where you live or stay.

Tip # 2: Inquire about your dental insurance provider

If you want to ensure that the clinic you will call for emergency assistance accepts your current dental insurance plan, you can contact your plan provider right away. Your provider most likely has a list of dental clinics in your area, and asking them will save you time.

Tip # 3: Don’t miss asking about their business hours

There is a possibility that the clinic you reach out to for emergency assistance may offer emergency dental services but not beyond their business hours. In that case, ensure that you inquire about their business hours. And if it turns out that they only offer such services within a limited time frame, call another clinic near your area.

Tip # 4: Give a detailed description of your dental emergency

Help your dentist understand what happened so they can deal with your condition with the treatment it needs. And just like in any emergency that involves your health, communicating your emergency clearly so the dentist would know whether they need to save a tooth, alleviate a specific pain, or stop any bleeding.


Tip # 5: Ask about the other services they offer

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Hit two birds with one stone by asking them about the other services offered by the clinic. You obviously would not need emergencies on a regular basis; it will be best to get other services from the same clinic so you won’t have to look elsewhere for your other dental care needs.

Additional Tip: Consider asking the ages of patients they treat

If you have family members who are children or elderly, it is vital to inquire about the ages of patients they treat. While it is sure that most dentists will not decline any patient seeking help, some dentists, like pediatric specialists, may not be able to treat all ages.

Just like any medical emergency, it will significantly benefit you if you know the above dental emergency tips beforehand. Getting yourself in a dental emergency means that you should act fast and contact reliable emergency medical services right away. You can visit my website should you find yourself in an emergency in Ontario.