5 Tips on How to Avoid Miscommunication in Bulk SMS Marketing

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While text messaging is an excellent and the most convenient communication method, most of the texts people send get misinterpreted.

Ever received a text, and you’re left wondering what you did wrong to receive such a text – only to realize later that you misinterpreted it? Yeah, it happens, and around 50% of texts are misunderstood.

Such messages get lost in translation for various reasons, and although it may not seem like much in personal instances, it could be very problematic for a business, especially in SMS marketing.

Some of the reasons why people misinterpret texts are because:

  • The message has no context
  • There are no emotional cues
  • It lacks body language
  • Language style differences
  • Communication time-delays

So, how do you ensure that your texts are not misinterpreted?

Text Message Miscommunication Tips for Businesses

When communicating with both existing and potential customers, you should be mindful of what you type. There are several ways to ensure that your texts are not misinterpreted. They include:

1.      Be Concise and Use a Straightforward Language

Abbreviations and acronyms can cause confusion. Leave them out in your business communication – unless you are targeting a particular group of recipients.

Instead, opt for complete sentences, and while at it, pay attention to the information language to ensure that it doesn’t come out as offensive or unfriendly.

2.      Beware of grammatical errors

If you are in a hurry, don’t text. It is essential to always proofread your message before sending it to the customer.

Check for typos. Incorrect spelling screams unprofessionalism and distracts people from the information you are looking to pass.

3.      Check your punctuation

Grammar in a text is quite essential. You should, therefore, pay attention to punctuation such as full stops or exclamation marks.

Exclamation marks can show excitement, anger, happiness, or surprise – therefore, use them to set the text’s tone.

Interchanging full stops and exclamation marks adds excitement or urgency to a message. Here is a good example to illustrate this:

‘Order now before it’s too late.’

‘Order now before it’s too late!’

4.      Use emojis sparingly

Emojis drive the point home – but when used wisely. They do not replace emotional cues but can emphasize them and the tone of the message.

Emojis also add a sense of fun to your bulk SMS Marketing campaign and can set the scene for friendlier conversations.

5.      Be friendly and polite

Finally, like all other forms of communication, be polite in your messaging. Say “please” and “thank you” for any requests.

Never assume that customers don’t need to hear appreciative phrases. When someone asks something of you, “no problem’ – that’s, as long as you don’t mind. And when a customer thanks you, respond with “Always happy to help” or “You’re welcome”.

Avoid miscommunication in business text messaging

Text messages can inspire growth in your business, provided you pay attention to what you send and determine how it will likely be perceived.

You can’t see the recipient’s facial expressions, emotional cues, or body language. Therefore, only use text messages for promotional campaigns, customer service, alerts, notifications, appointments, and internal communications.

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Get started today and avoid miscommunication in your SMS marketing campaigns.