5 societies that attract huge investment in 2024

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In this article, we will cover that how housing societies have dragged investors in 2024. We know that the financial year 2024 is the year of real estate investment. Previously the government has lowered property taxes which resulted in huge investment in property dealings and housing societies. Now, several investors are ready to bid their money in real estate sectors.

With this flow in the market housing societies are generating much profit as compare to previous years. There are hundreds of societies in the county inciting the customers to invest in it. However, some of them attract huge investments in 2024.

Park view city Islamabad

Park view city Islamabad is the leading society in the capital city. It has engaged more investment than any other society in Islamabad. Furthermore, the secret of fame of this society lies in its modern infrastructure.  The society offers a larger number of commercial and residential plots to its customer. Park view attracts huge investment in 2024 because the society has different kinds of plots of various sizes at very affordable prices.

Some people cannot afford to buy a property in Islamabad due to their financial position. The society offers them the opportunity of investment with a very little amount to fulfill their dreams of having their own plot.

Another reason for its popularity is its NOC approval and location. Park View is located next to Bahria enclave and can be easily accessed from many known places of Islamabad.

Capital smart city

The capital smart city facilitates its residents with extraordinary amenities to make their life easier. Furthermore, this is a society in which many investors are ready to invest huge amounts due to its modesty. In addition to its dignity, the society offers plots at reasonable prices which allows you to buy commercial or residential plots close to the Lahore-Islamabad motorway.

The smart city attracts huge investment in 2024. The interchange approval from National Highway Authority emerged as a unique and only society in Islamabad to have a link with the highway. When the businessmen came to knew about this milestone, they increasingly rushed towards investing in the capital smart city. That is why is one of the most profit-generating societies in Pakistan, constantly in Islamabad.

Furthermore, many investors faced troubles while investing in societies that are not approved by any authority. However, the capital smart city is an approved society and has received its NOC from Rawalpindi development authority.

Lahore smart city

Whenever you hear about housing societies, there will be a name heading all other contemporary societies and that is Lahore’s smart city. The society is developed by Habib Rafique Pvt and FDHL. Lahore smart city has a prominent name in the market of real estate. It has dragged a lot of customers due to its wide area. Now, only for residential plots, the society has allotted 20000 Kanal of land and soon the project will be completed.

Furthermore, the society’s location is also an important reason for its fame. The new campus of the University of engineering technology has increased the value of lands linked with the executive area. So, therefore, the investment graph of Lahore smart city is very high in the year 2024.

Taj residencia

The society which is known for its luxury apartments is taj residencia. The matchless commercial and residential plots of Taj residencia are the centers of focus for both local and international traders. The profit margin of society in 2024 is countless.

Taj residencia offers those facilities which other societies only can imagine. The society bestows its resident’s heaven-like sceneries. The secret of its success lies in its relation with Centaurus mall. As Sardar group of companies is the developer of Centaurus mall and taj residencia.

The payment plan of taj residencia also draws buyers. After the pandemic in 2024, most of the societies fell down taj residencia maintained its financial structure. That is why we can count it in the list of societies receiving huge investments.

Blue world city

A blue world city is including in the list of those societies that attract huge investment in 2024. If you say it is the jewel of Islamabad you may not be wrong. At the beginning of 2024, blue world city has hit the benchmark it has set for investment.

The progressive efforts of blue world city investors are due to its high-class investment opportunities. So, we can say that due to its outstanding services and facilities businessmen are very much interested in a blue world city.

 These are the five leading societies that are attracting more investment nowadays. However, if you want to invest in any of them, sigma properties and marketing will assist you.

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