5 Incredible Reasons for Using Retexturing Night Cream for Smoother, Softer, Youthful Skin

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If you want to give some care and love to your skin, try giving it at night as it is the only period during which your skin gets maximum rest and time to rejuvenate. And, if you have a retexturing night cream as a companion to your skin during the night, then you can improve your skin’s appearance in measurable ways.

Retexturing Night Cream is essential for skincare that not only hydrates your skin during sleep but also neutralizes the damaging free radicals, improves skin tone and texture, firms up sagginess, minimizes wrinkles and fine lines, and eliminates mottling and sunspots. For rejuvenating skin and multiple skin-related problems, Retexturing Night Cream works as an all-rounder all night long.

  1. Intense Skin Nourishment

Retexturing Night Cream provides complete skin nourishment to all skin types. Loaded with vitamins A, B, C, D and E, vital minerals, nutrients, friendly fats and powerful antioxidants, it works wonderfully to make your skin soft and supple. It reduces uneven skin tone and pigmentation, revealing a brighter skin tone and forms a protective layer on top to prevent additional damages caused by pollutants and dirt.  It restores adequate moisture to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. Its enriched formula regulates sebum production, unclogs pores and replenishes dead cells to retain lost moisture. Daily use of Retexturing Night Cream nourishes and makes your skin look youthful and radiant.

  1. Revitalizes and Protects Skin

The night cream gets quickly absorbed by the skin layers and keeps them hydrated all night long. The cream suits both dry and sensitive skin for both men and women. The group of minerals, multiple vitamins and antioxidants keep the skin nourished and supple. The cream also forms a protective layer on top of the skin to prevent pollutants and dirt.

  1. Free from Harmful Chemicals and Parabens

Indus Valley Retexturing Night Cream with Mysore Sandalwood & Kokum Butter contains all-natural herbs blended with organic and nutritious additives like Glycerine, organic preservatives like Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate, and others like Cosgard.  They work as catalysts in increasing the therapeutic power of the herbs. The essential oils added are extracted using natural steam distillation process without using any chemicals. Therefore, the final product is chemical-free and better empowered in skin healing.

  1. 100% Pure and Organic

The Retexturing Night Cream is formulated as a daily-use cream for facial grooming. It is an innovative, perfect blend of all-organic extracts of some of the best skincare herbs handpicked by dedicated farmers. Organic oils extracted using natural processes ensure that no harmful chemicals pass on to the final product.

  1. Powerful Active Natural Ingredients

Indus Valley Retexturing Night Cream with Mysore Sandalwood & Kokum Butter is a unique blend of 100% pure and organic extracts of six essential skincare herbs, supported by all-organic and certified organic additives like Cosgard, Cetostearyl Alcohol, Glycerine, and more.

It contains organic preservatives and antiparasitics that are completely harmless for the skin. The Retexturing Night Cream has the goodness of Mysore Sandalwood and Kokum Butter with extracts of other essential herbs.

  1. Sandalwood: Effective soothing and cooling properties make sandalwood a perfect ingredient for a skincare routine to fight skin blemishes, heal rashes, delay wrinkles and fine lines, and reduces dullness and tans. It is rich in anti-ageing, antibacterial and anti-tanning properties that exfoliate dry and damaged cells making your skin smoother, softer and youthful.

  1. Kokum Butter: Kokum Butter is an excellent lubricating agent and an effective emollient that helps in improving the moisture content of the skin. Regularly using kokum butter not only alleviates skin inflammations, but also efficiently cleans clogged pores, prevents signs of ageing, reduces acne and gently nourishes dry skin.
  2. Grape Seed: Grape Seed contains the powerful antioxidants proanthocyanidin and resveratrol. Rich in vitamin C and E, it helps combat acne, pimples and scar marks. It effectively protects your skin from UV rays, reduces blemishes, soothes your skin and gives calming effects.
  3. Wheat Germ: Wheat Germ is a hidden treasure of numerous nutritional elements. Abundant supply of antioxidants, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory constituents can effectively boost skin health. Rich in vitamin E, A, D & K, minerals like potassium, zinc and iron improve skin elasticity and tone, replenish dead skin cells and gently nurture the skin.
  4. Jojoba Oil: Jojoba Oil works like a humectant as it forms a protective barrier on your skin to save it from losing moisture. Its natural vitamin E works like an antioxidant, thus effectively reduces acne, fades away wrinkles and protects your skin from dryness.
  5. Almond Oil: An ample supply of vitamin E and antioxidants, Almond Oil effectively repairs dull and damaged skin, improves skin tone and reduces wrinkles. It is also very efficient in treating acne and blackheads by cleaning, soothing and hydrating skin from deep within.

Caution: Do not use this cream on open cuts and lesions.

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