5 Easy Facts About Lube Service for Land Rigs Described

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Formulated specifically to meet your needs.
Peregrine additives and lubricants are delivered efficiently once pleased on-site oil amend and service. We pride ourselves upon having the highest mood products in the industry thanks to our proprietary product recipes.


The highest environment products in the industry wrapped in unparalleled service.
We guarantee timely delivery, oil haul away, and on-site give support to and oil-change.

Protecting your gears and bearings adjacent to rust, corrosion and oxidation.

  • Unigear 75/90
  • Unigear 75W140
  • Unigear M improvement 89/90
  • Unigear M pro 85W140
  • EP220
  • EP320


Proprietary ingredients that are smoothly blended.
We value product integrity and innovation. Our wireline products contain proprietary ingredients to ensure your equipment is protected and long-lasting. Land service for land rigs easy knowing youre getting the best tone the industry has to offer.


Formulated to meet the high demands of even the most hard wells.
PAL Pipe Glide is a other pipe upon pipe lubricant expected specifically for coil tubing and pin pipe jobs to permit the operator to accomplish total depth.
PAL Pipe Glide is a supplementary Pipe on Pipe industrial lubricants designed especially for coil tubing and glue pipe jobs. It has been formulated to meet the high demands of even the most difficult wells and allow the operators to reach sum depth.
Pipe Glide is easily dispersed in any fluid condition, from blithe water to fully saturated brines. Depending on fluid types, it can achieve a coefficient of friction as low 0.05, with ease under the industry all right of 0.1. Pipe Glide has a tall affinity for metal surfaces making its effects long-lasting. It can be dosed as a continuous drip or upon an as-needed basis. For continuous applications, 1/8 to 1/4 gallons per bbl is recommended. For on demand applications, 1/2 to 1 gallon per 10bbls is normally used. in imitation of faced in the manner of harsh friction issues, Pipe Glide can be dosed as a pill in much far along concentrations. In the event of high friction, it is always recommended to manage a high viscosity sweep to ensure the hole is clean and clear of sand in the past administering high doses of pipe-on-pipe.


Dispersible and abundantly effective in every formless conditions
Withstands high bottom hole temps in excess of 176C/350F
Compatible subsequently all other chemistries used in workover and completion
Clear, dark brown liquid as soon as a mighty sulphurous odor
Shipped in 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, 275 gallon one pretension totes or bulk transport


Keeping the play moving.
We are a one-stop-shop for all your manufacturing needs. We find the money for a full range of materials as a result that you can locate anything you compulsion in one place. easy as that.
Brake formless 

Gasoline Oils

FASST (Peregrine fully Synthetic Racing Oils)
Torque (Peregrine tall accomplish Mineral Based Oils)

  • Transmission Oils
  • Otomo H
  • Unisyn vague MV
  • Unisyn nebulous CVT
  • Unisyn formless DVI


Anything you might need to accompany our extra products upon the job site.
Our extra products range from brake unstructured to marine oil.

  • Brake formless 
  • Gasoline Oils
  • FASST (Peregrine sufficiently Synthetic Racing Oils)
  • Torque (Peregrine high measure Mineral Based Oils)
  • Transmission Oils
  • Otomo H
  • Unisyn vague MV
  • Unisyn shapeless CVT
  • Unisyn formless DVI
  • Gear Oil
  • Unigear Plus
  • Power Transmission Oil
  • Powermatic
  • Marine Oil
  • Oceano