5 Door And Window Design Ideas For Post-Covid-19 Workplace

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Over the past year, the workplace environment has been altered due to the Corona pandemic, which has ravaged every corner of the world. You know that proper ventilation is key to preventing the spread of Covid-19. For sufficient air circulation at the workplace, you need enough windows and doors, which should allow adequate airflow at all times.

Door and window design, therefore, plays a vital role in how well the office is ventilated. Aluminum door and window designs offer durability, strength, and great form, all required to combat the coronavirus. The following are some window and door designs that you can use for your office to make it safe for you and your employees.

Window Designs


1. Stacking windows

They are also referred to as folding, folding-sliding, or concertina windows. This window occupies the entire wall from top to bottom and comprises multiple panels that fold on each other when they are opened. These are large windows that allow sufficient air circulation in the office.

2. Bi-Fold windows

You can open an aluminum bi-fold window by swinging either on the inside or outside. Also, you can open the window on both sides. Or even make it go up to 90 degrees depending on the type of bi-fold you install.

3. Tilt-Turn windows

They can open at an angle from the top part or open wide, just like a door. These windows allow both horizontal and vertical movement making them ideal for workplaces with minimum space.

4. Sliding windows

An aluminum sliding window opens horizontally where you are sliding it from one side to the other. This is a minimal design window ideal for an office with a small backyard or balcony area for accommodating your window panes.

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5. Casement Windows

This casement window is built with aluminum hinges and frames. It is fixed to the frame using one or more hinges on the sides. The window opens from the outside, which helps to let in the fresh air.

Door Designs


1. Floor-To-Ceiling doors

The floor-to-ceiling door is an aluminum frame door. It is a full-length, floor-to-ceiling glass door with an aluminum frame and is recommended for large spaces. In addition to its unique structural design, this door welcomes natural light as well as fresh air.

2. Traditional Hinged Aluminum Doors

This traditional hinged aluminum door is amongst the oldest and the most popular aluminum door designs available. The door design is ideal where there is a small room for entrances and narrow corridors.

3. Aluminum Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a better option if you want to save on space. These aluminum frame doors offer outdoor views such as a backyard or garden.

4. Bi-fold doors

Similar to bi-fold windows, bi-fold doors are very flexible. This means they can be installed anywhere, even around corners.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught everyone the importance of having proper ventilation. Aluminum doors and windows are the way to go if you are looking for something durable and sleek to keep the virus away in workplaces. Most of the doors and windows have allowances for opening as much as possible, enabling sufficient air circulation.