5 Celebrities who are famous for their diamond jewellery collection

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Jewelleries are the universal form of adornment from time immemorial. Earlier they were made from shells, stones and bones which were worn as  a protect shield from the endangers of life. But with the change in evolution it has now become a statement of style and fashion trend. When the thought of the most versatile jewellery arises,the first thing that knocks us is the diamond the uncontested winner. Due to this versalitythey are the most desirable gemstones of all times .They make a statement no matter with what you want them to pair with. They even mark the status and rank the people who owe them.

Jewelleries have been of utmost importance for women, adorning which they feel fully dressed and without which they feel dull and lack with confidence. When the right jewelleries are worn by the right person in the right occasion and right attire can show case the best personality of women. Not only they are limited as beauty enhancer, they serve as a great investment and can hold their value indefinitely. A jewellery collection can be a great security fund.

Jewelleries have their own story and unique ability of expressing our unique personalities, culture and spiritual beliefs. What we wear says a lot about us and when it comes to the symbol of love and elegance what can be a better way than through the medium of diamond jewelleries. They are judged from its quality which not only depends on the 4 c’s but also the place you shop from. Like lab grown diamond rings UK is the perfect place from where you can buycertified diamonds of your choice rest assured with confidence

Many labels are now choosing lab grown diamonds as they are cost- effective,sustainable and environmentally friendly .The celebrities tagged asfashion queens are also adding lab grown diamonds into their jewellery collection.Diamonds are the prettiest among the gemstones, manyof our beloved celebrities are great fans of these diamond jewelleries and with some of these master pieces they love to flaunt. To name a few are listed below

1)Zendaya- Zendaya had set the tone for a glamorous year at the Oscars pairing a bright yellow cut out valentine gown with$4 million in Bulgaria diamond jewels centred around a yellow diamond.

2)Beyonce and Jay z- Beyonce modelled the gem for the “About Love” Campaign in several different images as well as during a video when she sang one of the famous song.

3) Lady Gaga-Lady Gaga was sported adorning a long diamond earrings in an event .

4) Adele-Adele looked stunning in her yellow gown and diamond brooch which broke the internet.

5)Rihanna-Rihanna added glamour in one of the event wearing a 5 carat pear shaped diamond which stole the spotlight of the show.

Diamonds is one of the most incredible gemstones that have been on the red carpets in the award shows streaming in the nominees on zoom. Diamonds after been shown in Los Angeles have been now beaming all around the globe. Fashion magazine have covered the Diva’s adorning diamonds in fashion shows, award functions and parties.

The lab grown diamond have also been chosen by many celebrities due to its less harmful impact on our planet and some of them have even become a brand ambassador of some leading diamond brands.