5 Best CBD Clinic Pain Relief Ointment On The Market in 2024

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CBD products are increasingly becoming popular worldwide and turning into a multi-million-dollar industry. Many people use CBD oil, CBD clinic pain relief ointment or capsules to help relieve pain, stress, and other health issues. However, you don’t necessarily have to consume it to reap its benefits. 

There are now CBD-infused products mixed with other natural healing ingredients that you can apply to the skin, such as lotions and ointments that may be helpful to users with chronic pain and inflammatory skin conditions. Applying CBD-infused creams on your skin produces soothing and pain-combatting effects without any side effects you experience by using traditional healing creams. 

This article looks at the CBD clinic pain relief ointment available to purchase today. And besides CBD lotions or creams for nourishing dry skin, there are also CBD gummies for sleep that help improve the quality of your sleep.

Here are the five best CBD ointments you can buy in the market. 


CBDistillery has developed many CBD topicals from non-GMO industrial hemp in the USA using the best sustainable agricultural methods. CBD topicals offer various health benefits, which you can apply directly to your skin. These CBD topicals may include creams, balms, and salves expertly formulated using CBD oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and other natural ingredients. They are all used to relieve and soothe skin inflammations. You can choose from the following products: 

  • CBD Warming Cream 0% THC: With this cream, you can use it to relax and unwind after a busy day. It is designed to ease and soothe the skin through relaxation from its warming feelings. 
  • CBD Cooling Cream 0% THC:  It is an exceptional cream after a long day on your feet by providing an ice bath, targeting painful areas, and bringing you complete relief. 
  • Hydrating Daily Face Cream + Achiote Seed: This product is super hydrating and is suitable for all skin types. It is also rich in minerals and antioxidants.  

Med Terra’s Relief + Recovery Cream 

Medterra is a topical CBD product that combines CBD with organic ingredients like arnica and menthol. When you apply it to your body, you experience a rapid cooling effect and improve the strength of your muscles and joints. It is available in strengths of 250 mg, 500 mg, and 750 mg. 

The key ingredients in Medterra’s Relief + Recovery Cream include sunflower seed oil, safflower seed oil, aloe vera juice, lemon peel, and ginger. Third parties test all the products to ensure they are 0% THC. You can apply it daily to enjoy its full benefits. 

 As they always try to improve their quality, Medterra helps set the full spectrum CBD products’ standard. It is formulated with soothing natural ingredients that help manage pain sensations. Every Medterra product has a detailed lab report showing its content and quality analysis, like heavy-metal and pesticide testing. 

Cheef Botanicals 

Many customers use CBD topicals to relieve arthritis pain. Cheef Botanicals is the favorite choice for most arthritis people because it contains a unique blend of potent cannabidiol and natural pain-relieving ingredients.  

Cheef Botanicals are among the highest-quality CBD topicals available in the market. The producers have extensive business and hemp knowledge; hence produce a top-quality wide selection of CBD products ranging from tinctures, topical lotions and pet treats. 

The selection of CBD topicals available include: 

  • Relief salve 
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Body lotion 
  • Bath Bombs  
  • Lip balm 

Cheef Botanicals contain full-spectrum CBD, maximizing its healing properties. You can select between 500 mg, 1000 mg, or 2000 mg of cannabidiol, depending on your desired needs and potency. Because of the high concentration of cannabidiol, it can penetrate the skin and produce powerful pain-relieving properties. 

The other natural ingredients Cheef Botanicals contain are coconut oil, peppermint oil, fennel oil, and vitamin E. These ingredients give the salve its earthy characteristics and calming scent. Once you apply, it becomes effective after 5 to 10 min, and its effects last up to 3 hours. Besides relieving pain, they also nourish dry skin, speed up recovery, and reduce swelling. This product is recommended for recovering athletes and people suffering from chronic pain. 

Verma Farms 

Verma Farms has been at the top of the CBD world for many years. They have established a reputation for developing natural, organic CBD products, ranking their CBD topicals at the top.  All the materials are sourced in American farms that use all-natural and pesticide-free products. It is among the brands that set the standard of CBD products; what should and shouldn’t be included.

Their CBD topicals are available in Mahalo Muscle Relief and Tropical CBD Lotion. Mahalo Muscle Relief is designed to help sportspersons like athletes to relieve muscle pain and injuries. Tropical CBD Lotion, on the other hand, is a catch-all CBD product. 

CBDFx Cream 

CBDFx Cream is the best choice if you want to target joints and muscles. This product offers powerful pain relief with CBD, white willow extract, and menthol. And unlike other products in this list, it contains caffeine. 

You can choose your preferred dose between 500 mg and 3000 mg. It uses powerful natural anti-inflammatory ingredients to relieve muscle aches and joint pains. The menthol ingredient induces a cooling effect, while caffeine and white willow extract help relieve pain. 


If you are struggling with pain, want to reduce skin inflammation, or simply want to nourish your skin, you should consider buying CBD creams and lotions. The CBD clinic pain relief ointment featured above can help manage pain and reduce inflammation.