41,000 online services are provided weekly in the Tula region

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On August 13, a media briefing on the development of electronic services in the region was held at the press center of the government of the Tula region.

Yaroslav Rakov, Minister for Informatization, Communications and Open Management of the Tula Region, said that according to Rosstat, 83.4% of the region’s residents prefer to receive state and municipal services in electronic form, and this figure is growing every year. Today, on the regional portal, citizens have access to 232 electronic forms of receiving services in various fields of activity. And since the beginning of 2020, more than 1.5 million electronic services have already been provided on the regional portal and more than a million services on the federal portal of public services, which is twice as high as in the same period last year.

“The period of the coronavirus pandemic has confirmed that electronic services are not only convenient, but also allow the applicant to minimize health risks,” said Yaroslav Rakov.

During the period of restrictions, the authorities worked out a simplified procedure for the provision of services and switched mainly to the electronic format of interaction with citizens.

Since July, on the federal portal of public services, it has been possible to receive payments for all children from 3 to 16 years old. More than 133 thousand citizens of the Tula region have used it.

More than 5 thousand citizens of the Tula region submitted applications for the “Appointment and payment of monthly cash payments to families for a child aged three to seven years” in electronic form.

The result of these services was the transfer of funds to the applicant’s card without the need for additional visits to departments.

Traditionally popular on the portal are services in the field of land and property relations, registry office, education.

Now 11-graders know that the results of exams are published on the regional portal in the first place, so the number of views per day this year compared to the last one has grown 1.5 times – about 1800 per day.

From February to July, more than 15 thousand and more than 7.5 thousand, respectively, submitted for enrollment in school and kindergarten in electronic form – this is more than 90% of all applications submitted.

To receive services in electronic form, you must have an account with the ESIA. However, for this you do not need to go with a passport to special points like the MFC or the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, for example. You can confirm your account from home through online banking at Sberbank, Tinkoff Bank, Post Bank or VTB (if you are clients of these banks). In the first seven months of this year, the ESIA has already received more citizens than in the entire last year. And the number of confirmations through online banking has already reached the level of traditional confirmations, which speaks of the convenience of this service.

Director of the Multifunctional Center for the Provision of State and Municipal Services (MFC) Yekaterina Soltanova said that on average, more than 41,000 services are provided weekly at the MFC in the region. It is possible to receive services at the MFC by appointment, which is available 2 weeks in advance. To register with the MFC, you also need an account for the portal of public services. However, more than 70% of the services provided at the MFC can be obtained in electronic form. You can get acquainted with such a list of services on the official website of the MFC (https://mfc71.ru/) in the “Services” section.

Oleg Burdenkov, deputy manager of the branch of the Russian Pension Fund in the Tula region, said that over 50 electronic services are available on the official website of the Pension Fund of Russia. Residents of the region can electronically submit an application for the appointment and delivery of a pension, a certificate of payments for the period, an application for the appointment of a monthly cash payment, information on how to dispose of maternity capital funds and many other services, including making an appointment with a specialist … For quick and easy access to PFR services, a free mobile application of the Pension Fund “PFR Electronic Services” was also created.

According to Oleg Burdenkov, electronic services allow you to fill out all the necessary applications, receive certificates and much more in a matter of minutes, without leaving your home and without wasting time in queues.

Yaroslav Rakov noted that 100% of the PFR services provided in the MFC can be obtained on the portal of public services and in the personal account of the PFR, without visiting the department.

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