40-year-old Kardashian showed her wasp waist in a new dress

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40-year-old Kim Kardashian charmed her fans with new pictures. The woman starred in front of the mirror in a dress that demonstrates her shape. The outfit emphasized her figure.

Kim appeared in front of fans in a green and gray sea-foam dress that featured her iconic hips and slender waist.

On Thursday, she uploaded photos to Instagram and in the first hour, she collected almost a million likes.

The sophisticated creation of designers and tailors features an asymmetrical, off-the-shoulder top that crosses over a spacious chest. The material gets smaller as it slides over Kardashian’s tucked up tummy, and a simple piece of thin fabric is used as a belt. In the lower part of the outfit, two pieces of fabric sewn together are visible, lying on her lush hips.

One side drops below the other and exposes exposed areas of the body.