4 Tips To Help Moms Start Each Day Refreshed

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Life as a mom is hard. That constant on-the-go and I-need-you environment grates the nerves and drains your energy. People need something from you all of the time. Most days, you get up and don’t stop until you pass out in bed. Even then, your mind probably runs through the next days’ plan, trying to figure out if you have everything ready or if you’ve missed something important. When you fall asleep, your mind is rattled, your body is unsettled and you can’t rest well. That doesn’t make for a great start at all.

You could, though, start mornings right. No, you don’t need an intravenous line of coffee. However, you need a few tricks to rejuvenate your system and get your engines revved each morning. The following are four tips to help busy moms reclaim their energy and morning focus.

1. Give Yourself an Evening Routine

It’s hard to give yourself time at night. You read the bedtime stories and pick up the house. But if you want to feel good, you need to treat yourself right. Have 20 minutes for yourself to detox from the day. Send your spouse away.

Tuck the kids in, and do something for you. Hop in a bathtub of warm water, washing away the craziness of the day. Sit and read a book that has been sitting on the shelf. You might even turn on the television and watch something that you like. After all, that’s unlikely to happen on a typical day. Settle your mind to begin a new day with vigor.

2. Support Your Sleep Quality

When you were younger, your head hit the pillow, and you probably fell fast asleep. Those were the days! However, your body is excited from the entire day, and you may experience physical changes that impair its ability to shut down for the night.

Hormones, for instance, may play a role in your slumber. This can occur when women begin menopause. Talk with your doctor about any symptoms, and discuss how you could use menopause supplements. Be clear with your specialists that your goal is to give your body a break at night to get the sleep it needs and see if they have suggestions for aid.

3. Drink More Water

Many busy moms suffer from dehydration. If you have a water bottle with you, it’s a simple thing to help you out. Active.com discusses the problem of low fluid intake. When you have less water, the body must work harder to keep blood circulating in your system. In addition, it mentions that dehydration impacts mood. The body produces higher levels of cortisol which temporarily increases stress.

Therefore, fill up a large container in the morning and carry it with you everywhere! Get in 60 to 100 ounces of water each day. Your body may thank you for feeling less worn out and more relaxed. When you wake up, you may not want that cup of coffee because your system is working just fine. And, if you suffer from morning headaches, those could get better too because your circulation is more vital.

4. Level Your Sugars

Okay, so you like sugar. Who doesn’t? What mom hasn’t grabbed a package of cookies in those pretty intense moments. But are you eating sweets the right way? Sugar can support energy; hence, kids experience a sugar rush when they overeat it. Adults can experience something similar with their sugar intake. There are highs when they consume a lot of starch and sweets. Then, like little ones, there’s a crash when that sugar goes down.

The University of Michigan’s Health Systems discusses producing energy from insulin. You eat your meal or snack, and the body uses carbohydrates to trigger the pancreas. This organ releases insulin which aids cells in glucose absorption. This process develops the body’s energy. To avoid the ups and downs, try to eat a consistent and level supply of carbs. Minimize the major sweets like cookies and cake.

Remember, you’re important. Give yourself time, and think about your habits. By doing a few things for you, you may experience brighter, more energetic mornings.