4 Must-Know Benefits of Renting a Floor Scrubber

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Commercial spaces need to be cleaner, floors swept and mopped. The way the tiles shine can tell so much about the way you do business. Especially if you have clients walking in anytime, paying attention to how your office looks becomes inevitable. Though conventional buckets and mops have been the go-to choice for many, one cannot overlook the efficiency of automatic floor scrubbers. With a combination of squeegee and vacuum systems, scrubbers can ultimately leave a dry shine on your floor without eating up time or labour force. However, a floor scrubber rental service could be the best to go for if you worry about the upfront expenses of buying one.

The year 2020 marks the death of 182 Australian workers while at work. Mopped floors can often leave a wet layer above until they get air-dried. Unfortunately, wet floors have been the prime reason for a significant portion of accidental slips and workplace injuries. However, to ensure floor scrubbers can be a productive alternative to assure a safe work environment. They also come with an efficient drying mechanism and operate quicker than traditional mops and come in versatile types to meet specific needs like floor size or speed.

Perks of Renting a Floor Scrubber

Despite the many benefits of using a floor scrubber, buying one can be a massive investment. Also, if you have multiple warehouses and storage rooms that get dirty often, you might have to pay for several scrubbers, which can blow up your budget. Thus, renting floor scrubbers on regularised patterns is an affordable choice. That is not all. Hiring from a floor scrubber rental service lets your business enjoy other perks. Some of them are:

  1. Staying Away From Maintenance Costs

True that renting a scrubber will cost you only a fraction of buying one. However, rental scrubbers can also minimise maintenance expenses and save some extra bucks over investing in a scrubber. Operation costs can attain peaks due to regular weekly usage. Sometimes the scrubbers might also need to get repaired if the brush has worn out or the tank starts leaking. On the flip side, renting a scrubber does not demand to spend on stacking spare parts or take the machine or a repair when something seems faulty. However, always ensure to hire such cleaning equipment from reputed service providers with a qualified maintenance team.

  1. Flexible Schedules

Rental agreements are highly flexible. You can always cancel the contract, go with a new one with a different schedule or scrubber model. Luckily, with rental scrubbers, you can go either with a casual hire or long-term hire. Adhering to the fact that not all businesses have identical needs, you can rent a scrubber only when you want to. Alternatively, you can also go with a machine user agreement where you can rent the scrubber along with an expert operator.

  1. No Storage Complications

Walk-behind floor scrubbers can be massive and range up to a size of 28” to 34”. Most times, you would face trouble storing these large machines when not in use. Undeniably, you cannot leave a floor scrubber outdoors without proper security since they are expensive. However, not all facilities may have sufficient indoor spaces making storage tricky. That is where rental scrubbers take the upper hand. You never have to worry about their storage because they no longer have to reside in your basement once the job gets done.

  1. You Can Always Upgrade!

When it comes to cleaning equipment, especially floor scrubbers, they are versatile. Initially, you might not know which one best suits you. A walk-behind scrubber may seem a better option when you run out of scrubber drivers. However, when you have technicians who can operate a ride-on scrubber, it is best to rent a ride-on scrubber. With rental scrubbers, you can always upgrade your agreement terms, go for an upgraded or next size scrubber anytime or even take a test drive.