38-year-old mother of many children Vodianova starred in a candid pose

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Model Natalia Vodianova changed her long-standing rule and took part in a completely nude photo shoot. For a long time, the superstar, mother of five, wife of a billionaire and ex-wife of an aristocrat, preferred to appear in public in a “decent” form that would correspond to her marital status, as well as the status of a philanthropist. Even a photo in clothes, but in a frivolous pose, the model herself used to comment flirtatiously: “I’m a mother …”

But for shooting in a fashion magazine in the company of no less stellar colleagues, the 38-year-old supermodel agreed to strip to the nakedness. In the photo, she appeared in what her mother gave birth, with her legs wide apart and her arms raised up. The publication of pictures on the social network even had to be censored.

Vodianova’s company was made up of, among others, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Daria Verbova.

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