30 people positive for COVID-19 after attending funeral

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At least 30 people have contracted COVID-19 after attending a funeral in Lake Park, Minnesota.

Kathleen Keene attended the ceremony to support a friend of hers who had just lost her father. She and her partner fell ill.

“I don’t regret going there to support my friends. If only this virus didn’t exist … “she told CNN.

According to Ms. Keene, people in the assembly wore their masks and observed physical distancing during the celebration.

Things would have turned sour during the lunch that followed.

“I remember thinking to myself that I would have liked to open the windows and doors. It was not good, everyone gathered in one place, ”she said.

At least five people hospitalized with complications from the disease, including Ms Keene’s spouse.

The young woman hopes this story can be a reminder to people that the virus must be taken seriously.

She also wants to help research by donating blood for a study on antibodies developed by coronavirus patients.

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