3 Worthwhile Investment Opportunities

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If you are a new investor or a seasoned investing professional with a diverse portfolio you may be looking for inspiration as to where to channel your hard-earned finances. It is a fact that the past few years have made some challenging times for investors across the business spectrum. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic had a dramatic effect on global stock markets and increased volatility in stock and share prices around the world. Today with ongoing conflict in Ukraine there is a continued level of uncertainty in some global markets which makes it exceptionally difficult to judge some investment decisions. In this article three investment opportunities are discussed that have the potential to offer significant returns for investors whilst being less volatile than traditional investment routes.

1. The real estate market

Real estate is increasingly being used as a commodity by investors rather than simply as a place to live. It tends to show stable growth across the years and demand for high quality housing remains consistently high. One effective investment strategy on the real estate market is to buy a home at auction that requires renovation, undertake the work and then sell the home on in perfect condition, hopefully turning a decent profit in the process. This technique, known as fixing and flipping is popular with investors for the quick profits it can generate. In addition, there are a range of finance providers who can provide the capital for these projects. It is worth searching for a private money lender such as Sachem Lending who can provide fix and flip loans to enable such investments to take place. If fix and flip does not sound like an investment for you, it is worth considering buying property to rent and generate a constant flow of income that can be used to fund other investment opportunities. 

2. Invest in gold

Another investment that tends to have lower levels of volatility is the market for gold. Gold is independent of global currencies and whilst they are tied to the stock market, they operate very differently to traditional stocks and shares. When a global market is volatile, as it is in this current global climate, investors tend to invest in this precious metal. As such it can form a vital part of any investment portfolio which allows the ability to offset the risk of traditional stock and shares against the investments made in the gold market. For example, as a result of the conflict in Ukraine, gold saw a steady rise in value during March this year, reaching a high of over $2K as the war intensified. 

3. Peer-to-peer lending

If you like the idea of helping other people as part of your investment portfolio, you could consider peer-to-peer lending. This is where you act as money lender through a peer-to-peer lending platform. Lending requests are made on the platform with interest rates and repayment terms. These tend to be more beneficial for lenders than traditional routes such as banks as interest rates can be lower. For the investor, the interest rates charged typically range from between two to eight percent and can offer a stable and predictable source of additional income. In addition, any late payment fees will incur additional charges which further increases the return for the investor.