3 Top Ways To Style Women’s Board Shorts

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Whether you are on your way to a casual day by the shore or going in for a swim, picking beach day outfits tend to be confusing. Dressing for the beach can be more complicated – what should women pack when they are heading for some of our favorite ss – sun, sand and the sea? 

Boardshorts for women are a versatile piece of beachwear that can qualify as the most useful piece of beach wear whether you are headed in for a hard swim, taking a stroll by the boardwalk or just want to flaunt your thighs. Contrary to popular opinion, men don’t have the birthright to board shorts. 

In fact, we have seen women flaunt board shorts better than men! After extensive research into what works and what doesn’t while styling board shorts, we have compiled a quick guide for 3 top ways to style women’s board shorts. 

From cute and casual to dressy and elegant, we’ve got plenty of stylish hacks and tips for you to style your favorite board shorts so you can have the perfect swim or surf and also rate yourself high on the fashion meter! 

So before a further ado, let us get right into the 3 top ways to style women’s board shorts, right from the X files of the fashion police! 

  • Women’s Board Shorts with Chiffon Tank Tops 
  • Women’s Board Shorts with Trikini 
  • Women’s Board Shorts with BoHo/Kimono 

You must be wondering that these combinations don’t seem or look too stylish to you, but once you see the tips and tricks we have up our sleeves, you will be surprised to see each one of these come to life! You can manifest each of these styles in the trendiest manners possible. 

  1. Women’ Board Shorts with Chiffon Tank Tops 

You never know when your day at the beach will turn into a stroll along the boardwalk or a night on the town, so it’s a good idea to pack or wear something socially acceptable just in case you don’t spend the entirety of your time in the water. Plus, if you’re a little self-conscious, an extra layer on top can add a lot of confidence. 

And this is exactly where this combination comes in – adding the perfect layer on top of your board shorts can change the entire outfit and make it go from casual to super formal. Chiffon tank tops are the ideal choice as the layer above long board shorts in such scenarios – not only does chiffon keep it chic and formal in case of an event change, the material itself is extremely comfortable and lets you enjoy the sea breeze thoroughly. 

The light weight fabric of chiffon coupled with easily drying board shorts are your perfect beachwear outfit. You can: 

  1. Make a combination of monochrome shorts and chiffon tank tops (White tank top with white shorts is the absolute best!)
  2. Dark or solid coloured chiffon tank top paired up with a light colored board shorts for the perfect contrast 
  3. Pastel colored chiffon tank top with a light colored board short 

Women all over the globe flaunt this outfit as their beach favorite – however it works for a number of other occasions! Keep this outfit stored in your fashion journal as the versatility of this outfit cannot be denied! 

  1. Women’s Board Shorts with Trikini 

Are you a solid swimmer or an avid surfer? If yes, this is the top way to style your board shorts so you can have the most out of your swim or surf! 

A trikini or a bikini top is the trendiest and most productive swimwear item of all time – pairing this up makes more sense than any trendy outfit you will ever come across. So this one top way to style board shorts is more functional than stylish but looks just as great.

The single most important aspect of such a trikini is quick-drying capability — you’ll likely be tossing it on before you’re heading into the water for a splash and going for a surf and can also wear it perhaps within splashing distance of the water, so it’ll get soaked at some point. 

Wet t-shirts stick to your skin and trap heat, and just generally feel uncomfortable and whatever feels uncomfortable looks worse in terms of style. As a result, you should consider purchasing the best trikini intended to wick sweat and dry as quickly as possible. 

They should also be lightweight; obviously, t-shirts rarely weigh much anyways, but it should feel unrestricting and be easy to toss into your tote bag before heading for the coast.

Again, you can pair up same colored trikinis with your board shorts or do a quick contrast – whatever your closet allows. Patterned or printed trikinis with board shorts are the way to go if you are feeling a bit too tenacious. 

  1. Women’s Board Shorts with BoHo/Kimono 

Throwing on a set of bohos or kimonos is the perfect way to spice up any outfit, let alone your beach wear. You can layer up your board shorts either with a one piece, trikini or a tank top depending on your mood. Also try local fuck finder.

It’s an ideal choice if you plan on changing afterwards and just need something on top to get there in the first place – either if it’s for a date night or a pool party. Kimonos and Bohos with bright colors and patterns are the perfect bounce of vibrancy your outfit needs.

They’re also fantastic for layering and keeping cool. Throw on an unbuttoned kimono or BoHo over top when you walk off the sand. They’re helpful for women who don’t feel comfortable going shirtless or with an open button up shirt.