3 Gift Ideas for 10-Year-Old Girls

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Gifts for girls age 10 at Tween to Teen are so fun. Girls love to play and learn. And they love fashion, makeup, and shoes! They will love to receive gifts that will help them grow into the ladies they are destined to be. Here are three gift ideas for 10-year-old girls:

  1.   A laptop

You can get your daughter all kinds of educational apps, games and software that will help her keep up with her friends while she studies. Also, it’s nice if they have a computer at home so they can do their homework there as well!

  1.   Online classes

If you’re not sure what kind of classes your daughter likes best, try getting her a subscription for online courses through their school or community college — this way she can choose what she wants to learn about each week or month without having to wear out her teacher (or yourself!).

  1.   A tablet computer or two

These days tablets are less expensive than ever before, so why not get your daughter one or two of her own? If she already has a phone or computer at home, then maybe just get her a second tablet instead of another phone/computer accessory (like an iPad mini).

  1.   A New Doll

Dolls are a great gift for 10-year-old girls because they are usually very interested in them. They love to play with dolls and dress them up, so giving one as a gift will be appreciated. The best thing about this is that you can buy a doll for her at any age and make sure it’s something she’ll like and look forward to receiving.

  1.   A Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere sweaters are a popular item for 10-year-olds, especially when it comes to fashion. It’s not just a winter item either; you can find cashmere sweaters in many colors and styles for the whole year round. If you know your daughter is getting into fashion and wants something new, there’s no better way to do it than with a cashmere sweater or two! These sweaters come in different styles, colors, and sizes which makes them perfect for first time buyers as well as seasoned collectors looking for something new or special occasion gifts.

  1.   A book of stickers

This is a fun way to get the creative juices flowing and let the little ones decorate their notebooks or binders with whatever they feel like. It can be challenging to get them to actually use the book, so make sure it has a durable cover (so they don’t tear it up).

  1.   A portable drawing pads

If your daughter likes to draw, this is perfect as an accessory for any backpack or purse. She can write notes or draw pictures while on the go and then erase when she gets home. It also makes a great gift for your child’s best friend!

  1.   A birdhouse kits

Birds are one of nature’s best creations because they bring so much joy into our lives with their beautiful songs and colorful feathers! A birdhouse kit would be fun for any child who loves animals or art projects that involve birds — or both!