270 stray dogs have been caught in Tula since the beginning of 2021

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Since the beginning of 2021, 270 dogs have already been caught in Tula. In total, this year, within the framework of contracts, it is planned to catch almost 1.5 thousand animals without owners.

After capturing, animals without owners go to the “Continent +” shelter. There they undergo a complex of treatment and prophylactic measures and after 30 days – taking into account the completion of quarantine, labeling, vaccination and sterilization (castration), and if necessary and treatment – return to their former habitats. Now the shelter contains 450 stray animals on a permanent basis, which cannot be returned for medical reasons.

Now the construction of new enclosures continues on the territory of the shelter – cages for 500 animals will be ready in June, and in August they plan to start building heated enclosures for another 500-600 animals.

The morning at the shelter begins with feeding and cleaning the enclosures. Feed the dogs twice a day, dry food and cooked food. The shelter has a fully equipped medical unit, an operating room, animals are examined and treated by a veterinarian.

Volunteers help to walk, feed and house the dogs. So, on the day of the visit of the head of the city administration, students of the agricultural college (future canine handlers) and students of the TulSU looked after the four-legged at the shelter – they helped in cleaning the territory, fed the dogs and walked them.

Dmitry Milyaev noted that many animals end up in shelters as a result of irresponsible treatment:

“The summer cottage season begins – it is at this time that people take animals and then leave them, as a result of which they end up on the streets. People must remember that they are responsible for those they have tamed – we want to draw the attention of Tula people to this problem. the shelter is kept in good conditions, but the main task remains to find caring owners. This is the only way we can minimize the return of animals to the street, “said Dmitry Milyaev, head of the Tula administration.