How to hire an educational app developer in 2023

educational app developer

The education sector has long been viewed as unchanging and unworthy of significant funding. Things evolved with the advent of the digital age. Today, some of the most well-liked applications and sites are educational.  On Google Play and the Apple App Store, the prominence of education has regularly come in third place. It is the continuous efforts put forth by any education app development company.

Since the COVID outbreak, there has been a considerable increase in the downloads of education applications. It is due to the compulsory virtual learning and working. 

Factors to consider before consulting an education app development company

One needs to make clear their needs to potential applicants before recruiting education app developers. First, select the target platform. The best option is to create a web and mobile app. Hence, users can enjoy the application whenever they want on smartphones and computers.

A business or an individual may approach the mobile platform in several methods. It can include creating native applications for every platform, considering cross-platform development (e.g., can hire Android developer), and progressive web app development (PWA). 

Hard skills to look for in an education app developer

The following are only the most fundamental hard skill areas to consider when deciding to hire Android developer or an iOS developer. One could need extra, more specialized technologies for any project. Therefore, the recommendation is to speak to an education app development company about all the needs before beginning the hiring process.

  • Coding languages

When choosing the coding languages to run an education application, there are a plethora of options. The front end of a website would most probably be created using HTML, JavaScript or CSS.  In contrast, many different languages, such as PHP or Java, can be used to develop the back end. As far as mobile is concerned, one can select a native technology for each mobile platform.

  • Development frameworks

React and Angular are front-end frameworks. The frameworks are frequently associated with a certain coding language when it comes to the back end. When developing native mobile applications, one must exclusively use Google and Apple’s approved tools. But, if cross-platform mobile programming is required, one can pick among frameworks such as Flutter or React Native.

  • Management tools

The first decision should be to decide whether to use SQL or NoSQL databases before deciding which management tools to use. E.g., MySQL. Also, a business or individual may choose certain data management tools. The education app developers should be well acquainted with those tools to work. 

  • Knowledge of the cloud 

The majority of modern digital content makes use of the cloud. Simply retaining the data and programs, one can speed up the rollout of new features and upgrades while also enhancing the general functionality of the new app. There are several cloud options available on the market such as AWS and Google Cloud. Therefore, one should select an education app development company familiar with the one the business has chosen.

Soft skills to look in an education app developer

Along with technical proficiency, soft skills remain crucial. These can considerably enhance the education app developers’ efficiency, creativity, and ability to work together. Employ education app developers, in particular, those with the relevant soft skills to strengthen the business.

  • The capacity to carry out or finish work while exhibiting careful attention to all the details, no matter how insignificant. Hence, the developer should be able to produce error-free code.
  • Developers should be research-oriented to continuously be updated with the newest technological developments and trends. 
  • Giving importance to the needs of both students and educators is vital. It is a good sign of an education app developer.

Identify developers that are suitable for the business

In addition to considering both hard and soft skills, they should truly fit the business.

  • Technology and audience compatibility

One should hire developers who have prior experience serving in the education industry. They only will be familiar with the particulars of the sector. Thus, the efficiency would increase with their industry expertise.

  • Organizational culture

By putting together, a team with the same mentality, one may strengthen their business. The easiest approach to go about it is to identify the values that are essential to the success of the business. Afterwards, recruit education app developers and other professionals who share the same values. Think about factors such as the desired management style or the strategy for working remotely.


To build a name for the new educational application, there needs to be a group of skilled education app developers. Identify the requirements properly and the platforms the business needs to serve for education. Afterwards, recruit developers who fit the business and the task at hand to make the educational app development a success.