Why You Need A Bicycle Injury Lawyer

bicycle injury lawyer

You know the struggle you now have to fight if you were hurt in a bicycle accident. Because the bicycle provides little to no protection, bicycle injuries are among the worst that a person may experience. You almost certainly sustained serious, life-threatening injuries, even if you wore a bicycle helmet. The pain, misery, and impairment you endure might last your entire life.

When this happens, you need a bicycle injury lawyer who can relieve you of your legal obligations. Putting your life back together after a bicycle accident is already enough of a burden. Also, avoid dealing with cunning insurance adjusters and pushy creditors.

How does a bicycle injury lawyer help you after an accident? 

Your legal rights are safeguarded in numerous ways by a bicycle accident lawyer. They strive to secure payment for your losses. 

Here is the normal procedure followed by a bicycle accident attorney.

Discuss Your Accident Details

A lawyer who specializes in bicycle accidents will first assess your case. They will enquire about your accident and how it has affected you. The attorney will ask questions to gather details to help them present your case. They follow up with some further queries if they require more information.

Investigating Your Case

An attorney for bicycle accidents will launch an investigation right away. They will conduct some inquiries themselves if they require more information or employ experts.

The probe might look into the following:

  • visiting the scene of the collision
  • Take pictures of the damage and the surrounding area.
  • speaking with any witnesses
  • Obtaining copies of the accident report and medical records
  • Observing the effects of your accident

With the help of the above information, the bicycle injury lawyer will determine who is at fault. In most cases, the other party is held accountable for bicycle injury. 

Gather information

A bicycle injury lawyer will employ several of the steps mentioned earlier to acquire evidence. They’ll be aware of the significance of evidence in your injury claim. You must demonstrate how the accident has changed you. Many accident victims underestimate their overall financial losses. Future medical costs and other “hidden” damages that are not immediately apparent will be taken into account by a lawyer.

Notify All Parties Concerned

A bicycle accident lawyer you engage will disclose your representation to the opposing party. For the driver’s insurance provider to be aware of your legal representation, your attorney will contact them. Instead of you, the insurer would have to contact your lawyer. By doing this, you can avoid the insurance taking advantage of you.

Sent a demand letter

A demand letter will be sent to the insurer by your attorney following an investigation. Your injury compensation claim is launched by the demand letter. The accident’s specifics and the number of damages you requested will be included.

Deal with the insurance companies

The insurance provider will likely attempt to get in touch with you following a bicycle accident. Insurance companies may employ techniques like:

  • You are being coerced into saying anything the insurance can use against you later.
  • You’re being asked to provide an audio statement
  • you to consent by downplaying your wounds
  • feigning worry for you to gain your trust

Let your bicycle injury lawyer handle the insurer. In addition to defending your rights, they can censor all correspondence.

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How Soon After a Bicycle Accident Do You Need a Bicycle Injury Lawyer?

Get a lawyer as soon as possible after your accident, if possible. If not, the responsible person or insurance company may exploit you. We advise setting up a consultation to review your issue. 

You have legal choices following your accident. If someone else was at fault for the collision, they are legally liable for the harm. To obtain compensation, you can make a personal injury claim. However, handling insurance claims is more complex. 

The insurance company of the party at blame will get started investigating the accident. Teams of lawyers and adjusters work for insurers to lower the amount they pay. They’ll start investigating ways to refute your claims right away.

The importance of hiring a bicycle injury lawyer 

A tangle of intricate legal concerns is present in collisions between bikes and vehicles. This is one of many good reasons to work with a lawyer to aid you with your case.

It is best to speak with a personal injury attorney who is knowledgeable about the nuances of bike accidents. An outline of how they can help you file a compensation claim is as follows:

Prioritize Your Complete Recovery

Unlike insurance companies, a bicycle accident attorney will always prioritize your financial compensation and recovery. You can then continuously concentrate on your health as a result.

Keep Legal Pitfalls at Bay

A thorough knowledge of the laws is not necessary to be involved in a bicycle accident. You could unknowingly get into several legal problems if you don’t have an expert bicycle accident attorney.

Protect your legal interest

The majority of those responsible for the accident are not on your side. They merely need to complete their task. An attorney specializing in bicycle accidents is your best bet if you want to safeguard your legal rights.

Get professional assistance with proving the fault.

The ability to demonstrate the at-fault parties’ negligence is crucial to the outcome of your compensation claim. An experienced attorney will provide all the guidance for locating and establishing blame. From this point on, you can submit a claim that precisely reflects the damages you are due.

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When pursuing a case of any kind of bicycle collision, you’ll need a bicycle injury lawyer. Whatever the circumstances that led to your bicycle accident, you must retain legal counsel who can help you with every aspect of the case and provide you with the legal benefits.

Frequently asked questions 

Does my insurance cover it if I struck someone riding a bike with my car?

Your insurance will cover bodily harm up to your policy’s maximum if you hit a bike while operating a vehicle. If the damages exceed this amount, you will be held personally responsible.

Can the rider in a bicycle accident be held liable?

Yes, if a bicycle caused an accident, it might be held liable for damages and injuries suffered by a driver or pedestrian0. When riding a bike, your auto insurance frequently excludes coverage.

Do I still have a case if I’m at fault?

In many circumstances, the police report assigns blame to both sides. This report is significant evidence in the case, but it does not prevent you from pursuing damages. If the report affects your case, your lawyer can evaluate the evidence and express an opinion.

What Kinds of Bicycle Accidents Are Most Common?

Unfortunately, many accidents can happen to bicycles and cause severe injuries. A crash occurred because the careless vehicle neglected to give way to a bike. Bicyclists should constantly remember to follow traffic flow, pay attention to lights and stop signs, and use the bike lane wherever it is available. 

Is it Beneficial to Hire a Bicycle Injury lawyer?

In most cases, hiring a lawyer is the best option. You’ll likely need professional assistance unless your damages are minimal. A study on the cost of auto injuries demonstrates the value of a lawyer. According to the survey, individuals who had representation won 3.5 times as often. There is a good reason why lawyers go to law school and have years of experience. A bicycle accident attorney will be knowledgeable about the laws governing your collision.