4 celebrities who are used to spending money on themselves

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Big money leads to a sharp increase in responsibility for one’s actions. At the same time, this point of view does not always prevail among modern celebrities. Many wealthy and famous people prefer to spend their earnings exclusively on themselves.

One example of extra waste is the performer Bono. The singer is often referred to as the musical definition of hypocrisy, as he can spend huge sums on clothes and at the same time encourage people who don’t even have a minimum income. The performer regularly holds charity concerts in favor of children from developing countries. One of the last such events was a concert in Modena, during which Bono had to perform several songs that the audience loved. At the same time, before leaving, he unexpectedly discovered that he had forgotten his favorite hat in his luxurious house in London.

The performer thought that no one would donate money during the concert without a hat, so he spent $ 1,500 on the delivery of this accessory. Not only did the singer book one of the most expensive cabs for his hat, but he also purchased a first-class ticket for the accessory, although nothing was stopping him from packing it with other luggage. Another double-fare taxi delivered the hat at night from the airport to Modena. One can only assume that Bono did not have time to think that this amount could be spent on charity instead of becoming an example of extravagance.

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Madonna and her lifestyle

Performance is always a serious test even for a professional performer. During concerts you have to:

  • strain a whole complex of muscles during the performance of songs;
  • control the actions of the ballet or orchestra;
  • monitor your diet and hydration.

Many stars who regularly give concerts do not go on stage without a bottle of water, which is always at hand. Only in this case can such an unpleasant phenomenon as dehydration be avoided. Madonna is no exception in this respect. The performer, also known for her unusual performances, prefers to use special water during her concert tours. We are talking about Kabbalistic water. It is sold by the Kabbalah Center, a cult offshoot of a little-known Jewish tradition. According to the center, the water is processed through meditation and incense, and its cost is only $10 per bottle. According to some reports, the delivery of Kabbalistic water costs Madonna $ 10,000 every month.

Elton John loves flowers

Many performers are seen in love with flowers. At the same time, some of them are limited to bouquets that they receive during concerts or purchase live plants to decorate their own home. Artists like Elton John love to have flowers around them during every performance. This habit costs the performer a substantial amount, which in the zero years amounted to more than 10 million pounds.