124 people died in Astrakhan from coronavirus

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In the Astrakhan region, almost every day, the register of deaths from coronavirus infection is updated with new names. So, according to the headquarters, as of September 8, 124 deaths were registered in the region. Two new deaths occurred on 13 and 14 August.

A woman born in 1948 was admitted to the Akhtuba hospital on August 13 with a diagnosis of bilateral pneumonia. Despite all the efforts, the woman died almost immediately after hospitalization.

A man born in 1976, according to the headquarters, was on self-medication for seven days. On July 23, his condition worsened, and the ambulance team that arrived at the call, hospitalized the Astrakhan in the Infectious Disease Hospital. The computed tomography performed in the medical institution showed the presence of “bilateral pneumonia” in the man’s body. The test also showed a positive test.

On July 25, the man was in the intensive care unit and hooked up to a ventilator. Death occurred on the morning of 14 August.

The final diagnosis of the deceased Astrakhan was made after an autopsy.

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