110 degrees: scheduled tests will be carried out on heating networks in Ulan-Ude today

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Today in Ulan-Ude at the facilities of TGK-14 scheduled tests will be carried out on heating mains No. 1 (Zheleznodorozhny District: PVZ, FGC) and heating networks from the Yugo-Zapadnaya boiler house.

During the testing period, the temperature in the heating network from CHPP-1 will gradually rise – from 70 to 110 degrees, and from the Yugo-Zapadnaya boiler house to 95 degrees, the press service of TGK-14 reported. Large-scale hot water outages are also expected.

With such a load, the heating systems will remain for 2 hours, after which the temperature will return to normal parameters. Within 16 hours, the company’s employees will monitor the state of heating networks and the run of the temperature wave at control points.

“At the time of testing, pipelines are exposed to significant loads arising from the thermal expansion of heating networks,” the press service of TGK-14 says. – This allows you to make sure that in the event of severe frosts, pipelines and objects connected to them are able to withstand heating of the coolant to maximum values.

Note that this type of test should be carried out every 5 years.

TGK-14 asks about all detected damages on heating networks, please inform the dispatching service by phone: 46-69-35, 46-69-37 or: Zheleznodorozhny district – 45-31-77, Oktyabrsky – 33-65-22 and Sovetsky – 21-59-52.