10,000 refusals to enter Germany from the Czech Republic and Tyrol

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Since the tightening of border controls on Germany’s borders with the Czech Republic and the Austrian region of Tyrol, some 50,000 checks have been carried out. In almost 10,000 cases, the police were forced to deploy those wishing to enter Germany, – said Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer during a visit to the German-Czech border close from Bad Gottleub-Berggieshübel in Saxony.

How long border controls and entry restrictions will last, the minister did not say. “Nobody likes this situation,” Seehofer said when asked about restrictions. However, this measure is necessary to reduce the spread of mutated coronavirus strains, which are widespread in the Czech Republic and Tyrol.

The minister stressed that the mutated virus is not only more contagious, but also “probably more deadly” than the original viruses. It would be strange to pursue a strict quarantine policy in the country, but at the same time allow a dangerous virus to freely enter Germany.

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