10 Ways to Design a Contemporary Bathroom

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Is your bathroom looking a little worn out? Your personal retreat can be modernised with a small twist or adjustment, resulting in a clean and simple new suite. Freshen up things up with new accessories or a fresh coat of well-chosen paint. The liveability of a modern bathroom can sometimes be determined by the details. Here are a few pointers to get you started brought to you by an interior design company in Gurgaon.

Accessorize with Consistency

A bathroom can be made to feel modern, stylish, and opulent by using a simple palette and accessories. Bring in identical bathroom accessories in a contrasting shade to your existing decor to create a simplified and coordinated effect without breaking the door.

Replace Those Mats

Mats can also be used to spruce up your bathroom. Choose the least interesting bath mat in the store. Mats can create a great design statement, whether with vivid colours, a unique pattern, or an odd shape, in addition to being utilitarian. Choose a vivid design if your environment is somewhat neutral. Layer one or two different motifs for a more diverse look.

Amp up Tiling game

Use contrasting grout to dress up low-cost wall tiles. This important mortar holds tiles together and is usually white to blend in with the rest of the tiling. It can, however, be an easy method to modify the aesthetic of a bathroom for nearly nothing with a little creativity.

Wallpapers are an excellent choice

Wallpaper may transform your room and is unquestionably easier to replace than tiles. There are many various types and styles of moisture-resistant wallpapers to pick from on the market. For a pop of colour, we recommend a vibrant patterned feature wall. If you want the traditional look, use a low-cost stone or brick-effect design to provide a sense of texture.

Using Wooden Panels

Wood panelling is a charming and typically less expensive alternative to wall tiles, especially if you prefer a rustic style. Make sure the wood is painted with a durable water-resistant oil-based finish.

Reduce Wasted Space

Installing a multi-tasking shelving unit in your bathroom is a terrific space-saving tip if you’re short on space. This unit includes hooks for hanging bathrobes, towels, and toiletries bags, as well as a useful shelf over the stop for storing washroom items. Instead of investing in heavy cabinets and shelving, showcase your best-looking bathroom products on a little stool if you’re low on space. This won’t take up a lot of room and will make a unique statement piece that can also be utilised as a seat when necessary.

Make It Shine With Paint

Adding a new colour to your bathroom may totally transform the space for the price of a few paint tins! Softer wall colours reflect light and provide the impression of more space, but bolder colours, such as this energising bright blue, recall the soothing rush of the sea.

Bring Your Fixtures to the Dark Side

To give a modern touch to your bathroom, replace traditional chrome taps with matte black or shimmering metallics. You may either replace your old taps with new ones or carefully paint them with metal paint – just make sure you prime them first. Install a black hollywood mirror over the basin to complete the effect.

Make a Relaxing Environment

Nothing ruins a peaceful soak in the tub more than a glaring bathroom light. Bring in a lot of candlelight to create a relaxing, soothing, and inviting atmosphere. A set of hurricane lanterns on the floor will not only look lovely, but will also provide a welcoming atmosphere. On the bath ledge, column candles will produce calming pools of light. Choose realistic LED-operated patterns to make your space safe.

Keep an eye out for reclaimed fixtures

Upcycled furniture or reclaimed sanitaryware can give a bathroom a vintage feel. Victorian bathhouse chic can be achieved by adding an antique sink or reclaimed bath, or by placing a sink inside a well-loved wooden vanity unit.