10 Unusual Majors You Never Thought You Could Pursue in College

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Choosing a major is a big decision for any student. A lot of people are looking into traditional and popular degrees. In 2022, these are business, nursing, psychology, engineering, computer science, and education. Yet, new jobs appear every year, and colleges and universities are trying to keep up and update their degree programs. 

Today, there are many unconventional majors you can pursue in college and build a unique career. Here are ten interesting degrees that are worth exploring. 

Decision-making is one of the key soft skills. It encompasses so many practices and approaches that it emerged as a separate undergraduate major—decision sciences. 

The field is rather extensive and complex. You’ll have to learn analysis techniques, engage in research, and make projections. If you’re a decision sciences student and you feel like you need help with homework, use essay writer help by EssayService. Sometimes you have to cover so much information from different fields, like sociology, communications studies, business, etc., that getting some academic assistance is a necessity. 

  • Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking sounds like an oxymoron, but hear it out. It is a legit major that teaches students to detect cybersecurity vulnerabilities in systems and networks. They are exercising hacking strategies in an attempt to enhance security and prevent malicious attacks. 

The importance of ethical hacking grows in response to the increased number of cyberthreats. People who major in this discipline can potentially work as security analysts and consultants, certified ethical hackers, or information security testers.

  • Puppet Arts

A puppetry major has been around for decades, but it continues to be rather unusual. It involves a diverse curriculum where you learn theater studies, puppetry construction and manipulation, and performance techniques. 

If you’re interested in the art of puppetry and want to connect your life with children’s theater, consider a puppet arts major. As you progress through the program, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to practice and perform. 

  • Viticulture and Enology

You can love wine professionally by majoring in viticulture and enology. With this learning path, you earn a bachelor of science degree and become an expert in wine-making. 

This major teaches everything involved in wine production. You start with the fundamentals of the craft and its history and gradually get an in-depth understanding of all nuances, including the study of soils, climate, grape varieties, production techniques, regional variations that influence wine-making, and markets. 

  • Paper Science and Engineering

Paper Science and Engineering is a STEM major. It takes an interdisciplinary approach to paper production, involving the fields of chemistry, engineering, math, environmental science, and physics. 

Paper science attracts students as it’s an important part of global sustainability research. Findings show that people throw away paper waste worth 1 billion trees annually. And this is only in the US. If you’re good at science and want to research eco-friendly ways to produce paper, consider this major for your undergraduate studies. 

  • EcoGastronomy

As sustainable living has become a big trend, new jobs emerged in response, and so did college degrees. Ecogastronomy is a new major that is gradually gaining popularity. It concerns the study of eco-friendly food consumption. 

The field of ecogastronomy focuses on the relationship between food and people. It aims to reduce the impact of food production and consumption on the environment while improving the way people choose and cook their meals. 

  • Cannabis Biology and Chemistry

Cannabis research is a progressive field in the scientific community. It focuses on the biology and chemistry of cannabis and its compounds. 

With this major, you become one of few professionals who work in an emerging cannabis market. Your expertise will also be valuable in the areas of health care, law enforcement, and business. Upon graduation, you can work as a biochemist, cannabis technician, lab manager, research scientist, and toxicologist, among numerous other options. 

  • Popular Culture

All the content we consume daily, like movies, social media, TV, games, etc., creates our popular culture. You can study it as your major to have a better understanding of social processes happening in the world. 

Popular culture is a multifaceted field to explore. By studying this major, you get solid knowledge in humanities that you can later use in many different careers like journalism, advertising, education, and marketing. 

  • Ethnobotany

Ethnobotany is a study of plants in the anthropological context. If you are excited to explore how plants are used in different cultures and social backgrounds, this is the right major for you. 

The human-nature interaction is a fascinating thing to explore with its variety of beliefs, socio-cultural norms, and practices. It is also closely connected with the areas of environmental conservation, climate change, and biodiversity studies. 

  • Surf Science

Cornwall College has an unusual major in the area of marine and natural environment—surf science. This is something unique that you won’t encounter in many colleges.

Aside from surf practice and key skills, you learn the culture of surfing and climate influences. It also involves the knowledge of the production of surf materials from design through testing to manufacturing. Some of the other core modules involve psychology as well as fitness, nutrition, and health. 

To Sum Up

Your professional future may have different directions. And it’s not always a traditional degree. Be brave to follow your dreams. By choosing something exceptional, you get an exciting and fun college career and become a specialist in a unique professional niche. 

A rare major gives you a specialized skill set. This makes you more employable as there are few qualified people in this discipline. So don’t overlook niche degrees because they can take you to an exciting career.