10 qualities that a good handyman must have.

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Who does not know that? Once again finished at the last minute. The Bulli is a first-class mess and there is always a lack of building materials. On the next construction site: Total chaos because the dimensional tolerances were not taken that seriously during the preparatory work.


We have summarized for you what skills a good handyman must have so that he can master these and all other difficulties on the construction site:

1. handymanship

As the job title suggests, it is a “work of the hands”. It is therefore an advantage to be endowed with certain natural gifts, such as good hand-eye coordination . Spatial thinking and precision when adhering to dimensions and tolerances are also important qualities that make a good handyman.

2. Cleanliness & order

Not only ability and talent are important. Without efficient project organization  , the construction site descends into chaos. In addition to protecting the customer’s property, the unpleasant cleaning is also part of a successful order, because which customer would like to have to clean up behind the service provider he or she trusts?

3. Solution orientation

A skilled handyman finds the optimal balance between planning and spontaneity . Those who can improvise quickly and flexibly are less likely to be disturbed and can master problems better. With this attitude, the safe and competent appearance in front of the customer is no problem!

4. Creativity

In order to stand out from the crowd of craftsmen, you have to show a certain level of creativity. Innovative design concepts , an eye for detail and a general wealth of ideas not only make work fun, but also impress customers.

5. General service orientation

As a service provider, you often have to outgrow your actual tasks. Customers now not only expect simple work execution, but also expect competent advice in advance and on site. The following still applies here: “The customer is king”.


For the customer himself, a personable and competent demeanor is one of the most important qualities of a handyman, because: you literally work in the customer’s living room. It should go without saying that all employees are introduced here at least once. If the customer has questions about the work process, everyone involved on the construction site should also have the answers ready. After all, it is good manners for craftsmen to register and deregister with customers.

6. Punctuality & Reliability

But what use is a friendly smile and good advice if the appointed handyman is late or spontaneously postpones the appointment? Especially in our fast-paced society, customers are quick to react allergically to delays, postponements and the like. Therefore, plan buffer times in advance and arrive stress-free at the customer.

7. Security Responsibility

Not only the equipment must be treated with care. All colleagues and employees should also be protected as best as possible. Therefore, protective instructions and safety precautions should be taken for granted.

8. Physical fitness

In manual trades, many parts of the body are subject to moderate to heavy loads. The body can only cope with this if it is in good shape. In addition to physical mobility and condition, mental resilience also plays a major role. Excessive demands, time pressure or arguments are factors that put a strain on the psyche. What to do? Walks, sports, downtime, talking to friends and family. Give your mind a break and transform challenges into a sense of achievement in no time!

9. Passion

A really good handyman is passionate about his job. It is therefore not uncommon for a problem to be thought about after work. Real interest in the job means further training and personal initiative – and that also in between in your free time. handymanship is therefore a way of life for many – not just a job.

10. The perfect all-rounder

The individual work areas are never isolated in the craft. Therefore, a good handyman knows all about it . Cooperation and team play with other craftsmen are of great importance, because this is the only way to offer customers the entire range of services.