10 Fundamentals about Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai You Didn’t Learn in School

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Obtain the attention of your target audience.

You control who sees your Instagram or Facebook advertisement. Using ad targeting, you may choose the people who are most likely to click on your advertisement by limiting the audience by interests, gender, or region.

Wherever your consumers congregate to interact, be there.

Every day, connections are made on Facebook and Instagram. Making a connection with your business is simply because your small business ads might appear as consumers search for things they are interested in.

Find a spending plan that works for your company.

We advise setting a spending limit based on advertisements similar to yours so that you can make an educated decision. You always have control since you can start, stop, and pause your adverts whenever you want.

The effectiveness of your advertisement can be used to your advantage.

You can see how many people interacted with, shared, clicked on, and responded to each advertisement you run. Apply those learnings to your upcoming advertising initiatives.

With the addition of a “Shop Now” button to send visitors to their website’s order page, The Farmer’s Dog noticed a 57 percent boost in its online sales.

1. Do they appear enthusiastic to comprehend the goals of your company?

A competent social media marketing Dubai will be interested in learning about your company’s goals, as opposed to a mediocre one.

A competent social media agency would make an effort to learn more about your company and its objectives.

While an ineffective one would only present you with a generic, strategy-free monthly package for a set retainer price.

The lesson here is to work with a company that makes an effort to understand your precise goals and creates a social media plan that meets those needs.

Give social media firms who offer you questionnaires and business briefing forms priority because they are serious about their work!

2. In the pitching phase, can they comprehend your brief?

Do some research to make the process of finding an agency easier before you search for “top social media agencies in Dubai” on Google?

To make work easier for all sides, create a formal social media brief.

Writing down your goals, desires, design preferences, remarks, brand guidelines, and other information is made simpler in this method.

Send the agency an RFP along with the brief once it has been created (Request-For-Proposal, just FYI)

Set a deadline for them to return to you with a strategy and sales proposal.

By doing this, the social media agency will be better able to develop a strategy.

3. Are there any concrete case studies available?

Check if the agency has any prior experience with social media before you even pick up the phone to contact them.

The best digital marketing companies produce case studies to inform prospective customers about their skills. , Digital Marketing in Dubai is one of them.

Something may be off if an organization is reluctant to post case studies on its website.

Either they lack noteworthy social media content or they are simply too indolent to produce any.

There may be some instances where certain agencies choose not to display their case studies online. Ask them for links to some of their clientele in this position.

4. What KPIs and social media metrics do they employ to gauge the development of social media?

There can be no plan without quantifiable KPIs.

The KPIs that your potential social media marketing partner will use must be listed for this reason.

Keep in mind that your brief will have a significant impact on the KPIs they select.

Therefore, the more concise your briefing document is, the more intelligent their KPI selection will be.

These KPIs must be decided upon at the beginning of the contract and monitored every month.

By achieving these KPIs, the agency’s performance and deliverability will be assessed.

5. Have they previously worked in your sector or a related field?

Selecting an agency is comparable to selecting a candidate.

Candidates for jobs who have experience in the relevant field are always preferred.

The best agency, however, may not always have the precise sector expertise you’re searching for.

In this situation, find out if they have experience in businesses that are comparable to yours or that utilize the same company strategy.

For instance, if you’re a marketer in the financial services industry, you should select companies that have experience with financial products, currency exchange houses, and so forth.