10 Fortnite Skins Xbox Fans Will Love

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Fortnite, a free-to-play Battle Royale game, debuted in 2017 and is currently going strong. Others believe that the costumes are the most crucial aspect of the game’s activities. Because of Fortnite’s collaborations with other companies and domains, players may wear skins based on both original concepts and well-known characters.

Given Epic Games’ friendly rivalry, it’s not unexpected that some skins may appeal to Xbox and PlayStation users more than others. This information might be contained in console-specific skins or the console’s internal memory.


Design that will stand the test of time The Xbox One S Bundle is the only place to get the Fortnite Legendary outfit Eon on Item Shop Today. Eon skin is incredibly precious due to its scarcity. Eon’s armour is also white with silver accents and stunning green lights on the collar and eyes.

It has an aesthetically similar colour palette to the Xbox. Grey and green tones dominate the skin. Its mechanical design leads me to assume that an Xbox has sprouted arms and is on a Victory Royale quest. It is exclusive since it is a one-of-a-kind Epic Games skin.

The Tomb Raider

What we do, not who we are, sets us apart from others. Lara Croft’s Gaming Legends Series outfit is a perfect fit for the Tomb Raider franchise. Fans of the franchise may recall that Rise of the Tomb Raider was a year-long Xbox One exclusive in 2015.

A figure with a lengthy history with gaming, and specifically Xbox, such as Lara Croft, is an excellent way to increase client loyalty. Fortnite’s Lara Croft-inspired legacy, which is modelled on her video game figure, may appeal to Xbox users.


To become the best, he must travel the world and show off his abilities. Ryu from Street Fighter is a well-known character in the fighting game world. The character will almost certainly reappear in Street Fighter 6, the follow-up to 2016’s Street Fighter V. Street Fighter 5 allows you to play as him in two different ways.

Xbox fans may choose Ryu’s attire from the Gaming Legends Series to complement the character’s appearance in Fortnite. In truth, Ryu has his own distinct expression that refers to one of his moves from the popular Xbox 360 video game series Street Fighter.

Psycho Bundle

“Heyo!” Psycho, a popular Borderlands character, makes his Fortnite debut with the Psycho Bundle. In Borderlands, this guy mostly acts as a source of ammo and a generic opponent. They not only feature on the cover of each Borderlands game, but they also give some of the game’s most amusing voice lines, alluding to their crazy image.

Claptrap is also included as a supporting track for Psycho Bandit. The skin is notable for its attention to detail and appears as a cel-shaded Borderlands game. Psycho Bandit is a must-have accessory for Borderlands fans who own an Xbox.


According to an Interpol officer, he has a “strong sense of justice and a more forceful roundhouse kick.” The series’ tritagonist and key female protagonist is Chun-Li, the first female Street Fighter character to appear on Fortnite’s island. Similarly to how she was the first female fighter in Street Fighter 2,

Chun Li is a must-have for Xbox Street Fighter fans. She, like Ryu, has a distinct emotion that is linked to a certain fighting manoeuvre. This is the character to use if you appreciate fighting games and want to represent your favourite fighting game series in Fortnite.

Ezio Auditore

Please slow down. This Fortnite costume is part of the Gaming Legends Series. Ezio Auditore is a well-known assassin in the Assassin’s Creed franchise who need no introduction. He is the only character who has his own video game trilogy for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. These titles were ultimately re-released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with improved visuals and audio.

If you’re looking for a single-player tale with a high level of difficulty, Assassin’s Creed is a fantastic franchise. Ezio Auditore is a must-have character for Xbox gamers since he personifies the experience. Ezio is harvesting with the distinctive concealed blades in the Fortnite item shop.

Darth Vader

You will co-dominate the cosmos if you join him. Darth Vader lands on Fortnite’s island as part of Chapter 3, Season 3 of the Battle Pass to demonstrate the might of the Dark Side of the Force. Darth Vader is without a doubt one of the most recognisable characters in the Star Wars universe.

Darth Vader can be recognised by his appearance in the Soulcalibur 4 fighting game series. He was initially unique to PlayStation 3 gamers, but he was later included to the Xbox 360 version of the game. Vader is an excellent icon for Xbox enthusiasts.

Kate Diaz

He is presently a member of Delta-One and a soldier in the COG Army. Kate Diaz is the first female character from Gears of War to appear in Fortnite. When the Gaming Legends Series is refilled, you can receive her through store resets.

Kate Diaz’s winter orange skin is one of her many looks. She made her debut as the protagonist in Gears of War 4, and she reprised the role in Gears 5. She is, in my opinion, an excellent depiction of the Xbox-exclusive Gears of War franchise.

COG Captain Fenix

His son summons the legendary fighter of the Pendulum and Locust Wars to combat. Marcus Fenix, a soldier in the COG Army, is the protagonist of the first Gears of War games. In Fortnite, he appears like he did in Gears 5, rather than as he appeared in the original Gears of War.

Xbox gamers are more tempted to acquire the Victory Royale with Marcus Fenix representing the Gears of War brand in Fortnite rather than Marvel and DC Comics heroes.

Master Chief

“John-117, Master Chief Petty Officer.” Master Chief from Halo deserves to be named a Gaming Legend. The newest instalment in the still-thriving Halo franchise is Halo: Infinite. Master Chief gets frozen in a supermarket freezer in the incredible Fortnite trailer.

Because of his particular link with Microsoft, Master Chief is a must-have for any Xbox enthusiast. Furthermore, Xbox One owners may utilise the Matte Black style modification for Master Chief to show their love for the character and the corporation.