10 Benefits of choosing a Doctor at home services in Dubai

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A doctor on call can be very beneficial when you need medical care, but you or your family cannot drive you to a hospital or medical center. A doctor on call service in Dubai allows a doctor to come to your home, even after hours, to see a patient. In theory, having a doctor on call makes physician visits to patients’ homes more convenient. A group of good region-specific doctors who can schedule home visits is required for this service. Healthcare services are shifting away from waiting for patients to arrive at clinics and providing care to people outside of them.

Following are the top 10 Doctor on Call at home for Dubai Residents 

  1. Convenient access

With the pandemic outbreak, it’s best to avoid going to a crowded medical institution with individuals from all over the city. If you’re worried that visiting a doctor’s office, an urgent care center, or a hospital will expose you to the virus, you can always hire a doctor to come to your house. To make your life easier, Royal Premiere Healthcare offers an on call doctor Dubai service that delivers 24-hour medical treatment in the comfort of your own home, office, or hotel room – in any part of Dubai.

  1. Get rid of infections that you picked up in the hospital.

It seems logical to avoid sitting in a hospital waiting room given the present COVID-19 pandemic. It’s even better to avoid interacting with hospital employees by registering. As a result, our medical staff is well-versed in worldwide standards of sanitization and disinfection processes, including N95 masks and gloves and minimal contact treatment protocols.

  1. Beneficial to chronic illness patients

We take care of all medical issues that necessitate a home visit doctor Dubai. We provide individualized medical care, including comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up, right at your door. We are happy to offer top-notch Doctor on Call, homecare Dubai, doctor on call Dubai, after-hours GP (General Practitioners), and 24 Hour Doctor Services.

  1. More effective patient care

Visiting the hospital can be a stressful experience. Patients and their families may be concerned about a disease, nervous about recovery timeframes, or concerned about the cost of a procedure. As a result, if you request an on call doctor Dubai, the doctor will do a thorough examination and answer your issues individually. Because there are no distractions and the concentration level is higher, the physician can focus on your situation.

  1. Service can be obtained as short as 30 to 45 minutes

Many patients fear going to the doctor or the hospital because of the traffic. Patients who use a doctor on call Dubai service should expect to be seen within 30 to 45 minutes of receiving the call. It’s also cost-effective because you have the best doctors in Dubai at outside your door. Follow-up treatment and chronic care management can both benefit from home healthcare.

  1. People with diabetes will benefit from it

If you have an acute or chronic Diabetes illness and live alone, you may have concerns about receiving the treatment you require. For people with diabetes, the doctor at home service can be advantageous if they cannot see their GP on short notice owing to an urgent condition such as an infection. We recognize that seeing your doctor may not always be possible, so consulting with a certified specialist doctor for such difficulties may be a good option for these people.

  1. Chronic condition management

When you require a doctor at home to handle chronic medical disorders like Asthma, Epilepsy, or Arthritis, to mention a few, he or she can provide a comprehensive care plan for many of them. This has been demonstrated to enhance patient outcomes dramatically. This method includes you more in the long-term management of your illness.

  1. It is less costly

Compared to being admitted to the hospital, having a private doctor on call in Dubai is significantly more cost-effective. Individuals discharged from the hospital and requiring ongoing care might benefit from Royal PHC Dubai’s services.

  1. Improved patient satisfaction

A patient’s house is likely to be more comfortable than a crowded hospital, both physically and mentally. Don’t you think so? Hospitals are also overburdened with sick patients, putting patients who could otherwise heal at home at risk of contracting a hospital-acquired infection. Patients may prefer a doctor who comes to them at home in this instance. It is also vital for driving treatment quality, another significant indicator of a great patient experience.

  1. Increasing the safety of patients

Emirates is homebound at 65 years old and has trouble walking a block, driving, or even handling household tasks. House calls allow doctors to check in on patients with restricted mobility to see if they take their medications as prescribed, eat properly, and stay safe from accidents or falls. It can also help to strengthen the doctor-patient relationship and improve the doctor’s knowledge of the patient’s environment and support networks.

By contacting a doctor at home, you can receive the best possible health care.

Home health care is likely to remain a cornerstone as the healthcare industry strives to provide high-quality patient care at a lower cost. The service is continuously less expensive than inpatient hospital care, and it satisfies patients’ wishes to get therapy at home.

Home health care is also crucial in managing chronic or long-term care. Patient education is a priority for home care providers, and they aid in the development of self-efficacy. This should result in fewer health issues, avoidable hospital readmissions, and increased healthcare expenses in the long run.

With Royal Premiere Healthcare, you may have an on call doctor call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.  With the advancement of technology, various medical services are not new in Dubai. Authorized doctors and medical workers work together to provide this service with a noble goal in mind, and they are ready to provide health care services in and around Dubai 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Royal PHC is a call a doctor Dubai emergency medical service that provides home visits for patients who cannot travel or are too ill to visit a medical facility. Our highly-skilled, DHA-licensed doctors and nurses are accessible to deliver quality care at any time and in any location throughout the Emirates of Dubai.

Why do Emiratis choose us as their doctor-on-call provider in Dubai?

  • All the doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists are experienced, certified, and approved by the DHA.
  • The majority of the staff is multilingual, having fluency in Arabic and English.
  • After an appointment, our staff (doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists) will reach your location within 30-40 minutes.
  • Patient visits are straightforward, discreet, and private.
  • A specialist doctor on call or service that brings a specialized doctor to your house is available.

Contact a health professional immediately if you’re seeking a doctor on call service for yourself or a loved one! Learn more about how our service can help you take control of your health by visiting our website or contacting our friendly staff. You must fill out the form completely, and our expert will contact you as soon as possible.