$ 1.6 million and gold of IS militants found in ruins of Mosul

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Iraqi security forces found about $ 1.6 million dollars, kilograms of silver and gold coins under the ruins of a house in Mosul. This was reported on Thursday by the Iraqi news portal Shafaq news.

According to him, all these finds previously belonged to the militants of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group banned in Russia, who had been controlling the city for a long time and were kept in their so-called treasury. The police officers managed to reach the “bank” of extremists thanks to information from informants. It is noted that all the money and precious metals were confiscated and stolen by radicals from local residents, writes TASS.

In particular, the cache contained $ 1.59 million, 17.5 million Iraqi dinars (about $ 12 thousand), 15 kg of silver in the form of blanks for coins that the terrorists minted and used in the territories under their control. In addition, almost half a kilogram of minted gold coins and 17.5 kg of silver bars and a small amount of other, as yet unidentified, metals were found.

IS militants occupied almost a third of Iraqi territory in the summer of 2014. In June of the same year, they captured the country’s second largest city, Mosul, and declared it the capital of their “caliphate.” In the occupied territories, they levied tribute and taxes on local residents, and also robbed civilians, state institutions and banks.

On August 26, 2017, it was reported that two mass graves with the bodies of 500 people were discovered near Mosul. It was assumed that all the victims were beheaded by IS militants.