06 most Common Oven Problems and their Solutions

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Many homeowners deal with faulty ovens daily. Indeed, it is a matter of frustration when your oven takes much time to ignite and still cooks improperly. If you continue to use a faulty machine, it is just a matter of time that it will cease to function. In addition, there could be several reasons behind a dysfunctional oven. It may happen due to low power, wiring, or broken parts.

That is why it is risky to keep using a faulty oven when it does not even cook healthy food. In this article, you will encounter the six most common oven problems with their solutions. The next time any of these issues pop up, resolve it yourself or go for oven repair services in Alpharetta. So, let’s troubleshoot these six oven problems:

  1. Too high or too low oven temperature
  2. An oven that does not ignite or take time to turn on
  3. The oven light does not turn on
  4. A jammed oven door or a faulty latch
  5. Food is not cooking properly
  6. The oven is not clean




Too high or too low oven temperature:

From high to medium to low, a working regulator can change the game for your cooking skills. But a faulty thermostat can take all the charm away. When your oven either gets too hot or too low while cooking, you need to fix it right away. Firstly, do not wait until the thermostat stops working. Try to repair it through an expert while it is still working. 

Start by following the manual and see if you can solve the problem. Experts say that the issue usually lies in the heating sensor. Moreover, check if something is touching the heating sensor. If the problem persists, go for professional help. 


An oven that does not ignite or takes time to turn on:


A faulty igniter is the main issue, as it won’t let the oven start working. There may be a problem with your oven’s igniter if it takes a long time to catch power or does not turn on. First of all, recheck your gas connection. If all is well in the back end, you might have to replace the igniter. 

In the same way, check your circuit breaker if you have an electric oven. Any power shortage or wiring issue can cause this problem. The best way is to call for an electrician and check the internal wiring of the machine. 


Oven light does not turn on:


A dark is another frustration. So, check your oven bulb inside. If it is not working, replace the bulb with a new and authentic one. But, the issue may still be there. There could be a wiring issue internally. Therefore, it is much better to check and recheck the oven lamp, switch, and its internal wiring. Otherwise, opt for oven repair services to resolve the issue. 


A jammed oven door or faulty latch:


It is common to have a jammed oven door after heating, steaming, and preparing food with oil. If the door gets jammed even after cleaning, allow the oven to turn off and cool down for a while. Now let it restore the power after several minutes and turn on the switch to see if the door is okay. In addition, check the hinges of the door along with its springs. Remove the door and check the hinges. If any of the parts are broken, repair them. Also, look for any damages to the gaskets and the latch.


Food is not cooking evenly:


Most of the time, it’s the cook’s fault when the food is not tender well. But, if you are confident that you are a good chef, then there must be a problem with its temperature or power. So, inspect your oven by cooking in its chambers. One rack may have enough heat pressure rather than the other one. In addition, move the food tray a bit closer to the heating chamber. Typically, it happens when the heat is uneven inside the cooking chamber. If nothing seems to work, repair it.


The oven does not self-clean:


Do you have a self-cleaning option in your oven? Is it not working? You have to fix it now. 1. Check to see if you have started the cycle appropriately. 2. Make sure the timers and knobs are working correctly. 3. Keep your expectations in check. 4. Large spills will leave a coating of ash inside the oven that may require manual cleaning.

Hire an expert to check the door lock motor and switch, control board, thermostat, or any other component that may be causing the problem. 


Indeed, it can be frustrating to have an oven that does not cook evenly. This article contains all the basic information on oven problems and their solutions. Check the thermostat, power, gas supply, door hinges, and heating chamber to fix your oven.